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Posted By: Charlieboy One on the way . yes. - 01/25/21 6:36 am
I'm soon to be the new owner of a 1947 M100 and I'd like to get a workshop manual on the machine.Would anyone have one for sale ? .. or can recommend a place to obtain one please ?
Posted By: BevanC Re: One on the way . yes. - 01/29/21 5:42 am
Join the Panther Owners Club. Loads of info, helpful members & excellent spares scheme:

The club has a good website and members forum.

There's also an Australian Panther owners register.

Also, if you are on FB, join the Panther Motorcycles Group - you can buy superb engine & frsme/cycle parts manuals from a group member Laurence Neal.

Cheers, Bevan Clark
POC Forum Admin
Posted By: Charlieboy Re: One on the way . yes. - 01/29/21 8:12 am
Thanks for that Bevan,
Yes,I'm on facebook and have joined the Panther Motorcycles group ... Nice folks there,one of the members,has kindly loaned me two original booklets/manuals for me to copy and then return to him... I'll eventually get Laurence Neal's books,they seem to pretty highly regarded.
I picked up the Bike today.. a 1947 M100 ... and it's a beaut.It's been sitting for a while .so I've made out a checklist of things to do before I try for a start and a ride (there's spark,so that's encouraging :-) ) .
Progress reports to follow ..
Posted By: BevanC Re: One on the way . yes. - 01/29/21 5:21 pm
There are a lot of Panthers in Australia. Bruce Sharman of "Bygone Spares and Restorations" in Perth is a Panther expert.

Make sure you engage the half comp lever when starting the bike - they are legendary for breaking people's ankles - it will prrevent this possibiity if it does kick back..
The POC sell an adjustabe magneto drive dog/Oldham coupling that makes setting the timing a doddle.

Don't overfill the oil or it will exit from everywhere. The correct level is between the lower dipstick mark and the bottom of the stick (unless its first fill). They are prone to leaking from the rear of the barrel base - oil is pumped through a gallery up a small hole to the rear of the cylinder - there is a very thin area of metal to metal contact around tht hole. I used Wellseal, which seems to have prevented it.

Good luck with the rebuild.
Posted By: Charlieboy Re: One on the way . yes. - 01/29/21 10:59 pm
Cheers Bevan,
Thanks for the info on the oil level.. when I checked it yesterday,the level was where you said and it looked a bit down,so I added a bit.I'd better drain some out to get back to the level.
The bike is in 'older restoration' trim and has only done about 150 miles since then,so I don't believe a rebuild will be needed.The bike has sat for quite a few years ,so a bit of fiddling will be done before a start...
I've done restorations on other British bikes,but I know little about Panthers.. except that I've wanted to own one for many years.. I'll be glad when the manuals arrive so I can read up a bit.
Thanks again mate ...
Posted By: Rohan Re: One on the way . yes. - 02/24/21 4:16 am
Any chance of a pic at some stage.
Perhaps after a good clean and polish (!).

These things are not often seen in the wild these days ...

Have a careful look at the tyres.
Old tubes are not to be trusted, although some folks try.
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