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Posted By: Gordon Gray Amal 389/95 - 10/06/20 9:03 pm
Rivet counters only.......I have one (1) 389/95 I’d let go if someone is looking for one.

Triumph folks would know what it went on.

Gordon in NC
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/06/20 9:14 pm
Gordon, what is the date code on it? Thanks.
Posted By: Allan G Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/06/20 9:51 pm
From Amal (link) website

Full Set Part Number: ACK334
Description: N/A
Make: Triumph
Model: T120C (Johnson Motors)
Engine Size: 649cc O.H.V.
Carb Type: 389 Monobloc
Year: 1963 to 1967
Number of Carbs: 1
Needle Position: 2
Internal Bore: 1 3/16in
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 10:59 am
Originally Posted by wildbill
Gordon, what is the date code on it? Thanks.

Not sure where/what to look for wildbill........but if Allen’s reply doesn’t answer the question just let me know where to look. I don’t know more than I do know ( my new mantra)

I do have one pm about it (Sam) and I need to check the time tag to see who’s first AND I need to hear back from Steve E because he’s first IF he wants it. I think he had a project it would at least at one time he did

I need to downsize.....BUT it’s SO hard to let stuff go even if it has just been sitting on the shelf for years....... this one has always been eye pleasing to me.

Gordon in NC
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 11:56 am

On the side of the top flange that bolts to the manifold, there should be a date code, opposite of the 389/95.For example, my VMCC certificate for my 1967 T120R has despatch date of November 23 1966 and the carbs are stamped 11/66 on the flange. The date stamp is generally on the topside flange but I have seen them on the underside and carbs without them, also.

Posted By: GrandPaul Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 12:30 pm

I have seen 1 or 2 other stampings on the half dozen monoblocs that I have, none were legible enough to appear as a date code...
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 1:03 pm
Bill, I’ll look and report back when I get back home tonight.

Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 1:12 pm

Amal 375, 376, and 389 Monobloc carbs should have a date code as well as the part number stamped on the flange. The date code will be something like "11 65", meaning November of 1965.
Posted By: Steve Erickson Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 1:59 pm
Hey Gordon- Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, Peter answered your question... and I wasn't aware I was "in the running" for the 389.

Thanks for thinking of me, I don't have anything that can use that particular carb, so send it to a good home!

FWIW, I always try to find the date stamp on monoblocs to help establish "originality" on a bike. The few where I've been able to match these numbers with the bike's date of manufacture indicate the carbs are usually dated a month or two earlier.

BTW, box arrived, mighty odd wrapping paper. It'll come back to haunt you...
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 2:14 pm
My 1965 TR6SR VMCC certificate has a dispatch date of 24 May 1965. The carb date is 5/65 stamped on the opposite lower flange.

My 1967 T120 VMCC certicate has a dispatch date of 23 Nov 1967. The carb date is 11/67 on the opposite upper flange.
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 2:17 pm
Whoops!! My 1967 dates should be 1966 for dispatch and carb date.
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 3:25 pm
Steve...I was running behind ( as you know) and had three packages to send out. I’m thinking you might be talking about the tape???

Hope it made it safe and sound and THANK you for the loan. It was an honor to have that on display. The back story was priceless even if it was sad. Tarvin was a very special person and I was lucky to have known him.

I kinda thought you might had let the Triumph go a while back but my memory isn’t reliable at all.

Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 3:27 pm
I will check to see if I see there’s a date I can read. I also need to check the timeline to see who got in first.

Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 10:09 pm
First apologizes to Sam......the best I can tell Bill beat you to it. I wish I had 2 but I don't. If you two want to talk about it that's on you. It's been on my shelf for at least 15 years.....dirty. I've never taken it apart but I do think at some point I took the velocity stack off....and then back on.

Date Code.....clear as a bell. I do have an early ( 64-65?) A65 389/206 sitting next to it that has no date on it at all that I can see??? I never messed with the mono's much, just collected a few over the years. This one came with a truck load....literally a level Ford Ranger's bed full of mostly unit single stuff that had some very interesting bits in a good set of cases for a B44GP.....lots of race goodies.

Date Code 4/66

Bill, it's your's free ( I'll even pay postage) for the asking. If Sam wants to talk to you about it that's okay with me......I just want it to go to a good home....hopefully to be used.

PM me with an address and I'll get it on it's way. NO extra charge for the grunge.............your welcome.

Gordon in NC........who will never have any money....just not in the cards for me....but over the years I've been given MORE than I've ever given use in changing now.
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 11:19 pm
Gordon. Sent PM. Thanks.
Posted By: GrandPaul Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/07/20 11:39 pm
I have (2) 389/203 carbs with no slides or tops, both left side bowl.

376/40, left side bowl, with top & slide

389/95, left side bowl, has slide, no top

I do not know the date codes, I can look if somebody is really interested...

I also have a 389B32 (spigot mount) w. slide & top, and a 389B30 (flange mount, just the body & main jet stuff), both left side bowls
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/08/20 12:22 am
Small world... smile..Bill rode with us in the TSMR chase van the last year I hosted it. ( I seem to remember his Triumph was VERY nice) That being said.......I OWE HIM. I wouldn't wish riding with me on anybody. shocked 15 passenger van pulling a big trailer up and over mountain talking every foot of the way. I think Bill Edwards calls it/me intense. laughing

I had always imagined this carb came off a just looks like it belongs on a hot rod. Well, it's going to a new home where I hope it can get used.

Happy safe and stay healthy smile Gordon in NC
Posted By: Sam Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/08/20 2:10 am
Thank Gordon
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/09/20 1:27 pm
Bill, went to ship the carb and the PO says they can’t find that street address. Could you check to see if it’s correct please?

Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/09/20 2:46 pm
Thanks Bill!!!! It’s on its way.

You know some folks gripe about our Postal Service (USPS) but think about what a monumental task it is to do what they do. Here lately I see them delivering packages on Sundays..... unheard of when I was a kid. If that woman hadn’t alerted me to a possible problem, no telling how long that carb could have taken before It found its new home.

Gordon in NC, USA
Posted By: wildbill Re: Amal 389/95 - 10/09/20 5:40 pm
Thanks Gordon!
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