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Posted By: Rick Dawsey TR6 brake light switch - 01/25/21 9:36 pm
Anyone have a suggested replacement for the brake light switch on the rear brake rod? I ride in traffic more and more, and want the light to come on as soon as I tap the rear brake pedal. I have disassembled two old ones, and there is nothing wrong that I can tell; there is just too much travel in the design.
Thanks, Rick
Posted By: wildbill Re: TR6 brake light switch - 01/25/21 10:22 pm
I am assuming you are talking about the basic switch on the 1960's vintage bikes. Move the clip away from the switch body to put more out to put more tension on the spring and less distance to travel to complete the circuit. The switch trigger doesn't have to travel as far to make a circuit when you activate the brakes. Simple fix..
Posted By: desco Re: TR6 brake light switch - 01/26/21 2:40 am
This a very simple adjustment that is shown in the shop manual. You can give that switch a hair trigger.
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