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Posted By: Samsmc1 '57 thru '65 Push Rod Tubes - 12/17/19 6:13 pm
I'm still trying to assemble a '57 T110 that came as an incomplete rolling basket case.
I'm trying to make it 100% technically correct, which leads me into another small problem - this time with the push rod tubes.
Triumph shows the same tube from '57 thru '65. The pictures in the parts books show a tube with a bulge at the bottom and a shorter one at the top.
I have a '62 TR6 and I just saw some pictures of a '59 Bonneville, both have straight push rod tubes.
I seem to remember the '62 was a fairly complete bike when I built it 25 years ago, so it may be original.
Can anybody with an unmolested '57 thru '65 Triumph 650 confirm that the parts books are incorrect in this case?
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