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Posted By: SteveM Source for 'Euro' Handlebars - 03/28/08 8:18 pm
Anybody know of a good source for original bend European handlebars for a 66 TR6R? I've looked at a few of the repro "euro" bars and they seem to have a slightly flatter bend. The originals I recall had a slightly downward bend to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: JubeePrince Re: Source for 'Euro' Handlebars - 03/28/08 9:09 pm

If Mitch doesn't have them, he might know where they can be had......
Posted By: dale karger Re: Source for 'Euro' Handlebars - 03/28/08 9:14 pm
if you have the oem part # might try british cycle supply.

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