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Posted By: Andy Lorenz German rally 2021 - 11/18/20 9:25 am
The rally is from the 10th-17th July in Sigmaringen, South Germany
The booking forms have been sent to you BSA club secretary & international secretary.
Contact them to arrange attendance of the rally
Posted By: Allan G Re: German rally 2021 - 11/18/20 1:08 pm
Whoop whoop. Here’s hoping that we will be back tomorrow by next July. I’m looking forward to it.
Posted By: Ian C Re: German rally 2021 - 11/21/20 10:08 am
Originally Posted by Allan G
Whoop whoop. Here’s hoping that we will be back tomorrow by next July. I’m looking forward to it.

You'll have to sort the predictive text on that phone Allan!! I think you meant ' back to normal ' .. I'm looking forward to this rally too, especially when the local beers are so good!!
Posted By: Allan G Re: German rally 2021 - 11/21/20 10:13 am
Yeah. It I’m wishing it was tomorrow laughing

Your right though I did mean normal and this predictive text is a pain, the only reason I keep it on is because my spelling is dreadful grin
Posted By: Ian C Re: German rally 2021 - 11/21/20 10:16 am
Originally Posted by Allan G
Your right though I did mean normal and this predictive text is a pain, the only reason I keep it on is because my spelling is dreadful grin

I know mate!! laughing
Posted By: Alex Re: German rally 2021 - 12/29/20 6:33 pm
I have my sleeve rolled up already so I can go to this one....
Posted By: Lannis Re: German rally 2021 - 01/04/21 10:52 pm
I've been considering going, since I've also been planning a trip to my ancestors' home stomping grounds.

My direct paternal ancestors (Selz) were from Affaltrach - Obersalm, Baden-Wurttemberg, and my great-grandfather emigrated from there to Kentucky in 1880.

My maternal ancestors (Weimer) were from Laudenbach - Karlsruhe, and my 5 times great grandfather emigrated from there to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s.

Affaltrach is about 100 miles north of the rally site, and Laudenbach about 60 miles north of that.

But probably not this year - too much uncertainty about what the travel requirements might be.

Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 01/10/21 9:01 pm
To help plan for this summers rally I have an update on the refunds.

Book your hotel on the website (from 15th January)

If the rally is cancelled before the 1 month deadline, then most of the money can be refunded, as the suppliers to the rally (food, tents, equipment, etc) can be cancelled and should supply a refund.
I don’t know the actual percentage, but I hope that it will be most of the money (minus the spend on the rally packs)

It the cancellation happens within the final pre-month, then I’m afraid that the refund may not occur, as the money would have been spent.
Obviously, this is all in the control of the host German club.

There is a risk with booking the rally, as in the case of booking any foreign (or indeed domestic) holidays in 2021, the rule on travel can change daily.

Hope this helps people with their planning
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 01/14/21 4:22 pm
Room booking is open tomorrow

Also, on that page is details of what happens about cancellation
Posted By: Frederik Re: German rally 2021 - 02/08/21 11:47 am
Talking about the Internationals. €98.00 or approx. £90.00 Rally Fee! Am I the only who is thinking about this sort of money? I can remember the days that you paid the Rally Fee and you had paid everything. Didn't you participate in anything, though [***] and you had an expensive week camping. These day you've to pay the Rally Fee to be allowed to participate!
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 02/08/21 3:07 pm
People want coaches to take themselves and their partners to the trip locations, these coaches cost money.
In the 'old' days, everyone just rode their BSA's on the trips out.

It is impossible to make everyone happy with the cost of a rally, you can ride your BSA on the trip if you want to save your cash for ice creams.
Posted By: Frederik Re: German rally 2021 - 02/08/21 7:16 pm
In those "old" days you paid the Rally Fee" and you took part in everything or nothing. When you did you had worth for you money and if you didn't you had X expensive nights at a camping.

Now you've to pay the "Rally Fee" to be allowed at the International Rally. A "Rally Fee" of €98.00 approx. £90.00!
Covering coaches? Well for the coachtrip on Tuesday is €18.00 on the bookingform. What does this cover than Andy? Museumentrance would be another €9.00 extra!

It's not about saving cash for ice creams or beer, it's about the "Rally Fee" getting more and more expensive every year and covering less and less!

If it continues like this, in a few years time we've to pay for the T-shirt, sticker and rallyplaque too!!!
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 02/09/21 7:38 pm
The question of what the rally fee covers:
1) Organisation of the rally
2) Hiring of the venue (including any additional marquees, toilets, catering, etc)
3) Rally merchandise
4) Rally entertainment (bands, guest speakers, etc)

Trips to locations are optional, and coaches are mow added to allow non-motorcycle riders to attend as well

The list of events is up to the organisers to create, but having something organised every day is not compulsory, at the 2019 rally, we had days off to allow people to explore the area.

Yes, the rally cost has been increasing over the years, but it is up to each organisers club to decide the cost of the rally ticket.
The Czech rally was much cheaper, but the rally did not offer as much in return for your money.

With COVID, there is a requirement for a large rally area which will increase the hiring costs, also, the German club have the refund of their money covered if the rally has to be cancelled

Speak to your International Rally representative or Chairman so that they can raise any questions at the rally to the rest of the BSA World team.
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 02/14/21 11:40 am
I know people are hanging back from booking due to the uncertainty with travel.

However, the German BSA club have plans in place to refund your money if the rally is cancelled.
They need to know who is coming to the rally, so can I ask you to get your bookings created, so that the club can allocate their recourses.
Also note, that the BBQ now caters for vegetarians

many thanks
Andy Lorenz
BSA OC(UK) International Rally Secretary

Dear BSA-riders. We would like to give you some information on the risk of loosing money, when you book for the 58. Int.-BSA-Rally : If you book for the Rally now, it would help us to see the interest in the Rally.
We made all contracts with the chance to withdraw on Corona-reasons with minimal charges. Same with the hotel-bookings. That means, that we will refund what you payed, reduced by some £3.50 GBP for the banking fees. If you book now and do not pay by the 10th of April we will inform you (make sure we have your e-mail address) that we take that as a withdraw and will delete you from the list of participants.
If you have paid and the rally is cancelled later, you will be refunded according to the state of preparations.
In April we will have to start ordering your rally-goodies. We will send you the things, we already have and will reduce the refund accordingly. We think, that is fair. If countries close their borders or ask returning people to stay in quarantine, we will refund your money as stated before. Same, if Germany doesn’t let you in.

We fixed the D&D and BBQ contracts. If you leave the meat, the D&D buffet is okay for vegetarians.
The BBQ is now also offering vegetarian things like grilled fish and grilled vegetables and a variety of salads. All food is lactose-free and gluten-free.

Would the Rally-Secretaries of the different countries please spread that information and write a short message about the understanding to > [email protected] < ! Thank you for helping to run a normal life again ! Jürgen J. & Jürgen L.
Posted By: BeezaBryan Re: German rally 2021 - 04/29/21 11:32 am
All quiet on the German Front
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 04/29/21 4:28 pm
The bookings from each country have gone in, and the rally is still on in July.
Booking numbers are understandably down
Posted By: expresidente Re: German rally 2021 - 04/29/21 6:45 pm
At least Lena, Rene, Biggi and me have signed in for the Rally. We are in good hope that many of you will have got vaccinated until the Rally starts. So lets see what the time brings. I am sure that there will show up some people. So, better think positive and start making plans to join the gang.
See you there...
Posted By: BeezaBryan Re: German rally 2021 - 05/05/21 3:53 pm
We did have plans but those plans have come to naught and nothing to do with covidcrap.
Looking forward to pics and words Dieter when you are back home.
Posted By: MarcaNL Re: German rally 2021 - 05/13/21 8:25 am
More than 60 BSA people from The Netherlands subscribed for the International Rally in Germany.
We hope the Covid situation is safe this summer and that our annual BSA-event is going on. Sorry for the people who have not the opportunity to go there....We wish the German organisation good luck and hope to see many friends there!

Greetings, Marca, Aad, Tim and Vera
Posted By: Andy Lorenz Re: German rally 2021 - 05/22/21 11:15 am
It is with great disappointment, that we have to announce the cancellation of the 58th International BSA-Rally in Sigmaringen.

In these days, we had to explain our concept for safety and health to the regulatory authority of Sigmaringen.
When it came to Covid-testing, we were informed, that everyone had to be tested 3 times during that week and in case of one positive test, the whole party would be taken into quarantine for 14 days !

170 persons in quarantine would mean, that the German BSA OC would be bankrupt and the costs of the quarantine would have to be paid by the persons who are in it.
After a few days the vaccinated might leave, but for many it means, that they would be away from home up to 3 weeks. Our insurance doesn't cover any Covid-issue.
We cannot take responsibility for such a scenario and hope you understand that.
Posted By: Phil in Germany Re: German rally 2021 - 05/27/21 5:48 am
Hi guys!

On Saturday an email was sent out from the German BSA Owners Club.

Apparently, the International Rally 2021 has been cancelled.
It is a pity, indeed.


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