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Posted By: 68triton Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/06/21 11:47 pm
Hi, I have a STD gearbox which I have fitted a reverse cam plate, how do I line up the indexing rocker to make this work correctly?
I have converted several RRT2 boxes to 5 speed and have built several other gearboxes, no problem, but I am missing something here?

On a STD box with standard cam plate it is just a simple case of lining up the the dots / dimples on the indexing rocker and case with the cam plate in neutral as the ‘sandwich’ plate goes on.

The nearest reference I could find was in an Haynes manual which stated it was “Trial and error” ! Really!!

Thanks in advance.


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Posted By: Magnetoman Re: Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/07/21 3:39 pm
I have a reverse cam plate on the shelf that I intend to install someday, but I haven't done it yet so I haven't tested the information in the following two sources. Dave_NV described his procedure here, and another approach is described in the April 2011 issue of Classic Bike Guide. There it says to use a dot of paint on the selector in the position that is mirrored on the other side of the center line.
Posted By: Andy Higham Re: Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/07/21 6:05 pm
The reverse camplate will not fit unless the casing is drilled and tapped for the index plunger at the top position
Posted By: 68triton Re: Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/07/21 6:48 pm
Hi Andy, Many thanks, Sorry but have I not made myself clear.I have machined and tapped the case for top index plunger, it is the indexing arm ( in sandwich plate) position that engages with gear shifter ‘claws’ in the outer case is my problem.

Kind. Regards
Posted By: 68triton Re: Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/07/21 7:33 pm
OMG that was so easy! Many thanks for the info and to it’s author (Dave-NV). With regards the other method of mirroring the Red dot about the centre line was my original thinking, but no joy. It may be that be that the cam plate needs to be in a particular gear and not neutral with this method.

By the way, I purchased your Gold Star publication last year. Very enjoyable read!

Kind regards

Posted By: Dave - NV Re: Reverse cam plate indexing - 02/08/21 9:22 pm
I may have mentioned this before .... With the outer cover and inner off the tranny, using a largish slip joint plier, grasp the index cam plate and rotate it engaging 4th gear. Refit the inner cover and the shift arm protruding through the hole of the sandwich plate should just be clear of the top of the hole. Disregard the 'red dots'. Make sense?
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