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Posted By: Charlieboy DB34 Shim thickness ? - 10/12/17 7:14 am
Hello all,
Can anyone let me know please,the correct thickness of the Drive Side Engine Shaft Shim ... part # 66-661 in the Goldie parts book .
The shim that came out of the Bike is pretty damaged (hammered (?) into a concave shape) and is roughly .020" thick..
Thanks ..... Charlie.
1956 DB34 ..
Posted By: ToolBox Dave Re: DB34 Shim thickness ? - 10/12/17 2:22 pm
"The shim measures 0.0195 inches and the space it goes into is about 0.034 inches deep". Quoted from Gordo below.
Posted By: Charlieboy Re: DB34 Shim thickness ? - 10/13/17 4:56 am
Thanks very much Dave,just the info I was after..
I was lucky enough to find a new shim amongst my bits and pieces... measures .018" ... should be OK..
I was thinking .... at some stage in the Bikes' life,the Engine sprocket had come loose.I wonder if that was the cause of the shim being damaged so ..
Anyways ... we have a new shim,new bearings and a new crankshaft assembly to go in ... that should keep the Goldie contented for a while.
All the best mate ..
Posted By: 68triton Re: DB34 Shim thickness ? - 10/27/17 9:02 pm
Have not done one in a while, but shim = 30thou, max of 3 allowed. (in Gold star book i think)

Shims always get hammered here, so determined shim (chain alignment ) and adjust / make the spacer behind correct size.


Posted By: Charlieboy Re: DB34 Shim thickness ? - 10/28/17 1:21 am
Cheers Mike .. thanks for that Info.
We've done the chain alignment ... all good at this stage ..
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