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Posted By: Jerry Roy Upholstery question - 09/20/14 9:25 pm
Upholstery question

I bought this '57 GS in the mid 60's, and it is pretty much the way it came from the PO.
I was looking to see what it would take to put a new seat cover on, and it looks like the cover that is on there was put on with nails. There are no prongs on the under side of the seat pan to hook the cover to, and there are no fastener holes that would indicate that the cover was a not the original. It looks like the nails, and there are no slots or indication that they are screws, were put in with some sort of gun, since, at one spot where there was indication that a nail was attempted, but not inserted, there were two overlapping indentations that look like the hammer of a nail gun.
Was this a BSA method of seat cover installation? If not, how were the original covers attached to the metal seat pan?
Thanks for any information.

Jerry Roy
Posted By: trevinoz Re: Upholstery question - 09/20/14 9:52 pm
The cover is held in place with upholstery clips. They are hidden under the skirt on the side of the cover.
Posted By: Swan Re: Upholstery question - 09/21/14 9:42 am
There are some images of an original seat pan, new cover and clips from Leighton on the first page of my GS restoration thread (recovered after being deleted)
Posted By: Jerry Roy Re: Upholstery question - 09/21/14 8:57 pm
Thanks guys,
Obviously, this one is a recover. I would still like to see the tool that shot steel nails into the seat pan. shocked
Went to a swap meet today, and got most of the parts for two magdyno mags. Will check the coils Tues. grin

Jerry Roy
Posted By: 68triton Re: Upholstery question - 09/22/14 5:36 pm

These guys seem to have been around a long time doing seats / covers, i have used them quite few times.

mIght help.

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