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Posted By: Rocketman71 Travel restrictions - 08/12/20 6:40 pm
I don't know what all the rules are and which states are doing what. Many consider Georgia a hot spot and I think restrict travel from Georgia. Of course If you don't care and don't have a Georgia tag on your vehicle, it's not an issue. And I have no idea if the police will stop you anywhere for traveling to or from states they consider hot spots. I did see a story about the police in New York stopping vehicles at the state border, but as all news nowadays, I don't know whether to believe it or not. But being stopped and forced to quarantine would definitely put a damper on the fun. Of course there is always the option of instructing your lawyer to argue for your constitutional rights as you write him a check.

I can't be sure of the accuracy, but a quick search found the following from here: state restrictions

"Does Massachusetts have restrictions on travel? Yes.
On August 1, enforceable restrictions took effect, requiring all non-exempt travelers to the state to fill out a travel form (unless they are traveling from a state defined as low risk by the Department of Public Health) and either self-quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative COVID-19 test administered no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.[81]

August 1, 2020: Starting Aug. 1, most travelers and returning residents were required fill out a travel form and self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering the state or produce a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival. Travelers from states classified as lower-risk, which included Connecticut, Vermont, and Hawaii, among others, were exempt from the test or quarantine requirements."

Enforceable? What does that mean? Jail? Who wants to go through the process and report back to us? Just a quick example.

I am going nowhere and have done virtually no research on the subject. Just pointing it out to someone who might be coming from an "unacceptable place", or is coming across many states, that it might be something that might be worth looking at. As an example, I travel a lot in my motorhome and I have done much research on laws in various states about having a firearm in your vehicle. I am usually alone and travel to many remote areas where you will have no telephone service and be unable to call 911. And as my brother once put so eloquently, "I find the older I get, the more I resemble prey.". So I won't travel without one. That is against the law in quite a few states and the penalties can be very severe. So I have to choose to break the law or not go. I have been to 45 of the 50 states, but have never been to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine. That's why. And when I have told people about these laws, I have often gotten responses like: "Most cops won't ever arrest you for that", or my favorite "That can't happen in America". I just chuckle.

Neither Vermont nor New Hampshire have restrictive laws regarding carrying a gun. Concealed carry is legal in NH without a permit, pretty sure that's the case in Vermont as well and I can't imagine Maine is all that different. If it's in a vehicle you might consider keeping it unloaded while moving but once parked you're OK. Don't be scared, come on up and visit us anytime you want!

The problem isn't there. To get there, however, I have to go through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. It is not only illegal in those states to carry a gun, but also to have one in your vehicle. And lets not forget Massachusetts. These laws change and I haven't looked at any of these states for quite awhile, but I doubt if they have eased restrictions.

The Observant one
Posted By: DavidP Re: Travel restrictions - 08/13/20 4:41 am
Down here they check you for a gun and ask why you don't have one. laughing
Posted By: ricochetrider Re: Travel restrictions - 08/13/20 11:32 am
I think, without really. knowing much, that this travel from state to state thing right now, (to borrow from something that's been going around a lot lately)

is kind of like taking a shopping cart into a parking lot. The store staff would LIKE you to take the cart to the cart corral who you have unloaded your merchandise into your car. It makes it easier on the staff, and folks don't have to weave in, out, and amongst the stray carts scattered all over to get to a parking space, or in & out of the lot.

Some folks take their cart and put it into the corral, some folks don't. This "shopping cart analogy" has been seen as an informal barometer that shows us where we are as a society. Who we are as a people. What percentage of people do -or don't- take their carts to the corral? To return your cart is totally voluntary. There are no shopping cart police. Nobody's telling you to stow your cart, you don't "HAVE" to do it. It's simply seen as "the right thing" to do. Not for oneself, but for OTHERS.

This is NOT "science", just some bullish** somebody cooked up on the Internet. Yet a straight line has been drawn, by some, from this analogy to the virus and our reactions to it.

I know Cynthia was going up to Rhode Island recently for a weekend get-away. RI had "travel restrictions" in place. One couple, coming form Washington State, backed out of the get together, not willing or able to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Miss C was on the phone quite a lot with the hotel people, making an honest effort to "do the right thing". She was genuinely concerned about the whole thing.

In the end, the hotel staff told her to come on up, it's OK.
The point is that all of this is mostly on us. Each one of us. We all know what WE have going, nobody has ANY IDEA what the next person has going, or where they have been. THEY don't know where WE have been.

IF one really, seriously, truly cares even the slightest bit, about *others*, one will make SOME effort to "do the right thing". To "do the right t thing" is as hard to nail down as mercury. "The right thing" right now is, largely, ever changing and amorphous. BUT there are one or two constants.

By MY way of thinking it. comes down to:

do you CARE about OTHERS, or only about yourself?
Posted By: Gordon Gray Re: Travel restrictions - 08/13/20 12:50 pm
This next week I’m going to be traveling from my home to Northern Georgia. Not passing through any other states. I’ll fill up somewhere along the way.

I’m going to be getting together with a group of like minded friends probably less than 20 of us. I’m going to “try” and keep my distance from those who want me to. It’s hard for me because I’m one of those “ touchy-feely” kinda people. I’ll hug ya in a heart beat and have a habit of putting my hand on you when we talk. I’ll try to NOT do that next week. I will have a supply of masks, gloves and cleaning supplies. I’ll also have a hand washing station set up. Will I wear a mask???? I most certainly will while I’m on the serving line at our cookout. But for the rest of the time I’m probably just going to stay away from folks. We never slowed down at work so we’re kinda getting use to distancing.

But all that said.......having a get together during these times probably isn’t the smartest thing I’ve pulled off but all the attendees know the risk. I’ve done nothing motorcycle related all year, only been on a bike a couple of times. I’m being a bit selfish but I need ( or at least think I need) some me time.

It’s a numbers game and I’ve been known to like to bet on things.

Travel restrictions, I’m on the road 5 days a week, so far I haven’t run into any restrictions. Self Quarantine............heck you can’t get most of these hillbillies to even wear a mask when they are in the hardware store.

Gordon.......who’s always had a little Jesse James in him..still do.

PS......well said Tom, I always put the cart in the rack or take it back into the store.
Posted By: Rocketman71 Re: Travel restrictions - 08/13/20 1:57 pm
I haven't looked at the firearm transport laws in any of these states since early 2019 when I was thinking of making a trip to wander aimlessly through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Once I saw what the laws were in the states I had to pass through to get there, I scrapped the whole idea. I don't like the risk when jail is a possibility. And I don't remember all the specifics for each individual state and firearm type. But I do remember a couple of interesting tidbits.

You may legally transport your firearm through Massachusetts if you obtain a permit to do so beforehand. What? This makes me wonder:

Do you have to apply and pay before they decide whether or not to issue you a permit?
Do they really ever issue any of these permits?

If you are caught with a firearm (handgun?) in your vehicle in Maryland, the penalty is a mandatory minimum 1 year in prison. There are some narrow exceptions, none of which would apply to me. They apparently want to deter anyone from transporting a firearm through their state. Consider me deterred.

I also saw somewhere that the Maryland State Police have a division that solely exists to enforce these gun laws. Is that 2 cops patrolling the interstate highways with license plate reading devices? Who knows. I read it on the internet so it must be true.

The laws in Maryland were an eye opener for me, because I am from there and these were not the laws in effect when I last lived there 20 years ago. I have unknowingly broken this law many times during trips to visit old friends. No more.

So now, whenever I plan a trip, I take a look at the current laws of the states I will be going through.
Posted By: kevin Re: Travel restrictions - 08/13/20 5:56 pm
good idea to check. i live in ohio, where a concealed carry permit is recognized by all the states in red:

[Linked Image from]

i suspect many licensed permit owners carry their weapons anyway while traveling, and rely on abiding by local laws to avoid having their car searched. you always have to answer the question for yourself: would you rather have to justify carrying the weapon in the presence of a police officer, or not have the weapon should you need it in the absence of one? 50-state standardization would solve the problem.

i'm going to maine next month to race, and i am subject to a 14-day quarantine there. luckily, the race track is considered an acceptable place to maintain quarantine. if i wear a mask outside my pit area, i'll be fine.
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