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Posted By: limeyrider Lucas dynamo - 10/20/19 8:23 pm
Can anyone tell me which Lucas dynamo would have been fitted to the Venom machines ?, the one that came with my project is pretty much junk, E3L ..6 volt ... I would want to upgrade to 12 volt ... did the dynamo have a tapered shaft end for the pulley ?.

Thanks for any and all advice.
Posted By: Joolstacho Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/20/19 10:07 pm
Some came with Miller, and later ones came with Lucas. Not sure when they changed supplier, but my '64 Clubman came with all Miller electrical equipment.
The E3L Dynamo was the longer Lucas one, and put out about 60 watt, and the E3H was shorter and put out 40watt. (I think the Miller was 40watt too).
Best bet is the E3L, and yes they can be rewound to give 12v or you can use something like the Criterion 6 to 12volt solid-state converter.
I can't remember whether it has a taper ended shaft or a keyway for the drivebelt pulley, sorry.
Posted By: limeyrider Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/20/19 11:00 pm
Thanks Joolstacho !... that helps, I'll look into a rewind to 12 volts, the E3L that I have has a taper end shaft with ( chewed up ) keyway, the pulley has no keyway ??.

Thanks again.
Posted By: trevinoz Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/21/19 8:33 pm
The Miller generators always had a tapered shaft. Not necessary to have a key, the pulley will hold on the taper.
I don't know which type of E3L Velo used, I have modified BSA types to suit. This is just machining the eccentric plate.
I just rewound to 12V an E3L for a Velo. It is the Triumph type with a straight shaft and two keys. The pulley is not the original one obviously.
This type of generator is, I think, more suitable as it has a seal on the drive end. It would be possible to fit a tapered shaft armature into this generator with a bit of modification to the seal sleeve. Hopefully there would be enough clearance for the pulley.
Posted By: limeyrider Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/21/19 11:16 pm
Thanks Trev, I have seen 12 volt armatures and field coils on e-bay for the E3L, I'd like to at least try to rebuild the mess that I have now, not exactly sure what I'm doing , but I'll try anyway. 12 volts and 60 watts seems to be ok for the Velo's ... or so I have read elsewhere.
I don;'t know which bike the dynamo that I have was originally on ...may have been a Velo.

Thanks again.... I may be yelling for help !
Posted By: Joolstacho Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/22/19 1:03 am
Interesting Trevinoz, (now where do I know that name from!)
I'll be converting a BSA E3L for my KSS / RS project soon, need longbolts and cover and then I'm almost there.
But I think (from memory) that I just swapped the BSA type drive end plate over for a non-eccentric one.
Posted By: trevinoz Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/22/19 9:46 pm
Thats the easy way, Jools. Commonly the plate from a magdyno type or Matchless single type are used.
I like the sealed plate, the generator I just did was full of rust but still working.
Long bolts and covers are available from many suppliers.
Sometimes the covers can be in short supply.
Posted By: Joolstacho Re: Lucas dynamo - 10/22/19 10:00 pm
Yes (don't mind the easy way sometimes!) I was lucky uncle Norm gave me a correct end cover!
This KSS / RS of mine is getting dangerously close to finishing, I'll be running out of procrastination time soon, though it won't be up for a dynamo for a while.
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