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Posted By: Danam 67-0042 - 06/08/21 3:43 pm
Anyone else having oil leakage around the A65/50 oil tank filler cap? Seems like my cap is closing good, it has a spring push-back feel to it. I added the fiber washer 67-0042 but after riding there’s a fair amount of oil that finds its way past the cap and down the side of the tank. It feeels like it’s on there pretty tight.
Posted By: Allan G Re: 67-0042 - 06/08/21 5:00 pm
When the cork seals Soaked up enough oil it will seal.
Posted By: BSA_WM20 Re: 67-0042 - 06/09/21 11:55 am
Check the breather tube is clear by blowing back through it ( yum)
All sorts of creepy crawlies seem to like to crawl up there then either make a nest or die which blocks off the breather so hot air has no where to go but past the cap .
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