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Posted By: Rick Dawsey A10 kickstarter spring replacement - 01/23/21 7:09 pm
How do I replace the kickstarter spring on my A10? I have it apart, put in new spring and reassembled, but the lever still doesn't rebound. I am sure it has something to do with indexing the spring to the lever, but it is not obvious to me. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
Thank you,
Rick Dawsey
1963 Rocket Goldstar with well over 100,000 miles, but no kickstarter today
Posted By: Ignoramus Re: A10 kickstarter spring replacement - 01/23/21 7:52 pm
are you sure you have the right spring should be (relatively) easy .......easier than A65 anyhow
Posted By: Tridentman Re: A10 kickstarter spring replacement - 01/23/21 8:27 pm
Long time since I have done one of these---but from memory---just before you push the outer cover into place you need to "wind up" the kick starter about 1 and a bit turns to put the kick starter in the "at rest" position and then push the outer cover into place.
Hope my memory helps!
As per Tridentman's comment you need to pre load the spring. To do that before you slide the cover on, you need to push the kickstart spindle in far enough that it can go past the stop peg as you rotate it. I think a full turn in enough (from memery) for pre loading. To do that the kick lever needs to be off and you then turn the spindle with something like vise grips or an adjustable wrench on the flat part. If the lever is on you might not be able to slide the spindle in far enough to miss the stop peg. Once you have it preloaded you need to pull the spindle out far enough to engage the peg and slide the cover on.

Posted By: Rick Dawsey Re: A10 kickstarter spring replacement - 01/24/21 4:08 pm
Thanks guys! All I needed was just the little clue. What worked for me (the second time!) was to only remove the shift lever, 4 main nuts, 3 hex screws, clutch cable, and speedo drive. Leave in place the kickstart lever and the funny little nut on the left, both of which come off with the cover. Install spring, wind the kickstart lever back around to preload, and let the clutch lever hold it in place. Slide trans cover in place, and when you hit a stop allow the kickstart lever to come back around. Lightly tap the cover home, install two or three of the nuts to hold cover in place, and push down lever with your hand or foot (plugs out). If it pops back up, button it down. Simple once you get the clue on how to preload the spring. For me it was not obvious.
Interesting I have ridden two A10s since the mid-60s, both over 100k miles. This is the second one. Never had a spring break before, though I understand it is common failure.
Again thank you all for your help.
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