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Posted By: Rick Dawsey what oil do I use? :) - 12/22/14 2:03 pm
So I was feeling bored and searched for all the oil threads which have been omnipresent on every bike discussion forum ever. So I search on "oil" and get NO RESULTS. So I am flabbergasted that I didn't get hundreds of hits. How does the search work, anyhow?
Posted By: Ger B Re: what oil do I use? :) - 12/22/14 2:27 pm
Oil should give a million hits.

An easily made newby mistake is that you do not set the dates of your query (a time frame older than / newer than).
But even with that, I also got no results on whatever term I searched for. Just error messages.

It looks like the search engine has a problem.

I sent Morgan (our web master) a message.
Posted By: quinten Re: what oil do I use? :) - 12/22/14 2:57 pm

Open a new browser window , not this sites search function .
Type in
"Britbike forum" + the topic of interest
This method works best of me .
Alter the search words after " britbike forum "
from oil , to types of oil , to oil leaks , or a65 oil ... to refine the search

Posted By: Rick Dawsey Re: what oil do I use? :) - 12/22/14 3:25 pm
Thanks guys!
Posted By: Morgan aka admin Re: what oil do I use? :) - 12/23/14 8:24 am
oil is one letter to short minimum is one 4 letter word

Advanced Search Tips
Use +keyword for required keywords.
Use -keyword to exclude posts with a keyword.
Use quotes around a phrase to search for a phrase.

so if you use +oil you will get to many results..

if you use +oil +gearbox for the last week you get only 2 results
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