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Posted By: 68triton B33 Rocker spindle parts - 04/10/13 1:03 am
Hi, My first time on this forum, but have been on the Goldie forum before.

My recently acquired 57 B33 originally exported to Uganda has been full of surprise's, botches etc.
On the Rocker spindles I found a mixture of washers and improvised springs! It was not very good!

Trying a few suppliers I have only managed to obtain the springs, does anyone know the thickness of the washer that goes with the spring and also the thickness of the hardened Thrust washer on the opposite end?

I have also heard that all of the above can be discarded with a single spacer just to line up the rocker arm with the valve?

Any info appreciated.



Posted By: beezageezauk Re: B33 Rocker spindle parts - 04/10/13 8:49 am
Hi Mike,

Sorry I can't help with measurements without pulling the top off my B31 but if you don't already have the part numbers they are as follows:-

Washer 65-1118 described as the "Fulcrum Pin Washer"
Thrust washer 27-1111 described as the "Rocker Spindle Thrust Washer"

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