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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#896316 11/24/2022 10:54 PM
by Brid Caveney
Brid Caveney
We have a 66 T120R engine, with TR6 head - that needs some srious attention, and the owner is squeaky over pricing. The head needs totally reconditioning (guides are goosed) reboring (at 0.020" going to 0.040") new pistons/rings and the crank pulling out, sludge trap cleaning out, probably cutting - then new main/rod bearings.
New sludge trap & plug, mushroom type rocker pins & nuts, Kibblewhite racing valve spring kit, LF Williams 4 valve oil pump, all seals/gaskets
. The whole engine would be vapour blasted.
The primary is all fresh, and the gearbox is fine -- but a small 'allowance' for 'surprises' should be added to the cost.
Any CURRENT thoughts on what it'd cost, at a shop charging $100hr?
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#896409 Nov 26th a 03:54 AM
by Tridentman
As a Brit bike dealer/ repair shop once said to me:
"The cheapest thing on a Brit bike is the owner"!
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#896340 Nov 25th a 12:59 PM
by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
If the owner is, as you say, "squeaky over pricing," then this isn't the hobby for him.
As TR& says, maybe one of the NEW Bonnies is better for him!
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#896343 Nov 25th a 01:56 PM
by slofut
What Swede just said, if he's squeaky on price and you are the mechanic, this probably won't end well. Had a Harley mechanic tell me the other day, "there's no money in Triumphs, they're a labor of love only".
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#896331 Nov 25th a 05:33 AM
by TR7RVMan
Hi Brid, The price of parts has really gone up since Covid.

80 hours might be pushing it or not!. I would budget about $7500-8000 parts & labor with a $2000 slush fund. Do a little web search & you'll soon see how costly parts are these days. You can drop $4000+ in parts before you know it. Little things like you find a loose bushing in rod small end. Now you need weight matched rod set. Crank grind & balance. Black Diamond valves, hard guides. KW springs. I wouldn't use racing springs unless you're actually going to race.

I sublet bore & hone, valve guide install. Guide ream, cut seats, surface head. Sand blast cyl fins & vapor blast head was included. I took head apart & assembled myself. Did all other work myself. $5000 for sublet labor & all the top drawer parts. Plus $500 for trans gears. Clutch & primary chain had already been replaced so reused all that. I took motor out, apart, disassembled, reassembled, reinstalled all myself. Just oil & fuel hose was $50.

I have no idea how owners overhaul their motors on the cheap. When you start paying for labor too, You can drop $10-12k into a bike before you know it.

Secret is, do a really perfect overhaul. Then DON'T SELL BIKE, ride the life out of it. That's where the value is. Very hard to sell a bike to even start to break even with free labor you do yourself.

If you don't have the tools to take motor apart, you're looking at several hundred dollars in special tools also. The big $ ones are cam & pinion gear pullers. Smaller dollars are clutch hub & crank bearing pullers as needed, micrometers, etc, etc.
The cheapest route is sell bike as is cheap & buy new modern Bonnie!
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#896404 Nov 26th a 02:11 AM
by TR7RVMan
Hi Reverb, Brid has already stated motor needs serious work. Already stated guides are worn out.
My hunch is this will be major overhaul.

All one needs to do is make a list, go onto any seller’s web site & look up the parts. Make sure list is complete. Don’t forget little things like valve keepers. Just sealant is $50.

The owner is in USA with USA prices, shipping basically no duties. Owning a Triumph in Uruguay as you do has many challenges we don’t face here. I have great respect for you!

But, it’s still costly to overhaul Triumph motors here. Lots of cheap used parts on eBay here. Sadly most are junk. Same at swap meets. Junk!

Will be interesting to see how this situation turns out. Some people have an idea of cost in mind. They learn real cost. Very upset & feel they are being ripped off. They do a web search & learn real life costs. Takes a few weeks of getting used to reality, then move forward on a good job.

The worst thing is overhaul on the cheap. Doesn’t really work as it should & proves not durable. I see this all the time. Then they say Triumphs are unreliable pieces of junk. The devil is in the details. It’s the details that push time & labor cost through the roof.

Valve keepers alone $34, mushroom adjusters $43, spring kit $144. Black Diamond valve & guide kit $207. Clevite rod bearings $70. Quality parts cost a lot.
If owner hardly rides bike it doesn’t matter so much about durability. If you actually ride, quality really matters!

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#896415 Nov 26th a 06:11 AM
by Stuart Kirk
Stuart Kirk
Originally Posted by TR7RVMan
......Secret is, do a really perfect overhaul. Then DON'T SELL BIKE, ride the life out of it. That's where the value is. Very hard to sell a bike to even start to break even with free labor you do yourself. ........
This is some of the best advice I have seen on this forum. It's been my personal ideal for a long time.
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