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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#888793 08/19/2022 5:32 PM
by Steve Erickson
Steve Erickson
OK, I think everyone has their favorites, sometimes hard to select just one.

Most here have had a number of bikes, variety of brands, used for various applications.

But I'll bet most everyone has one particular bike they can point to and say "hated it".

Might be fun to hear about them.

I'll start this out (inspired by one I just saw for sale);

Yamaha SC500. Been over 45 years since I owned that SOB, and I still shudder when thinking about it. Gobs of power, and the squirreliest unpredictable power band imaginable. Not a good combination. Fun on a flat straight line, but oh my... turns were a near-death experience.

And yours?...
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#888891 Aug 20th a 10:11 PM
by Lannis
Hmm... 35 bikes and can't say I ever hated any of them. I didn't "bond" with a few of them, so I rode them for anything like a few months to a few years, then sold them.

But they all had their place ....

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#889255 Aug 25th a 09:22 PM
by raf940
jubee my friend's 78 T140 has such a ring runs great but as jangly as Roger McGuinn's 12 string on Byrd's songs
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#889359 Aug 27th a 05:33 AM
by DavidP
I had to take a GS850 for an extended test ride once at the shop where I worked, heavy and ponderous even at speed.
I also got to ride an RD 350. I guess it's fun if you don't mind the ridiculously narrow power band. My dad's old A7 Avenger was better.
I only rode a Sportster once around a campground. Nice bottom end grunt, but it handled like a drunk girlfriend. I was not tempted to take it out on the road.
I always had a love/hate relationship with my K100. Loved it at the ton on the interstate, hated it on anything tighter than fast sweepers. It got me to TWO a couple of times, pretty useless on the roads around there. Really hated it when the drive shaft broke and left me stranded. So much for BMW reliability.
I stare at it every day, taking up space in my carport, but I don't like it enough to even find out what broke. Did I mention that it's a PITA to work on?
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#890076 Sep 5th a 11:13 AM
by BeezaBryan
I've never hated a bike no matter what the nationality, disliked a few but never held any hatred.
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#888805 Aug 19th a 07:55 PM
by raf940
one of these i was 17 years old it fouled plugs constantly and had high frequency vibration that numbed hands instantly i dont even recall how i got rid of it
[Linked Image from]
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#888833 Aug 19th a 11:24 PM
by Stuart Kirk
Stuart Kirk
Least liked, most hated, least interesting?
It's a 3 way tie for me.

'78 (I think) Kawi KZ1200. It was soooo wide.

'72ish Kawi H1. I'm not sure what to say about that one. Well, maybe it was the stupid power and the puny brakes.

Honda Ascot FT500 which I actually kept and rode for a while until it did me a tank slapper at 85mph flat out. It actually never had a chance. My other bike at the time was a 1963 DBD 34GS which could spank that Honda single big time. And it handled predictably. The FT's only bright spots were the brakes, the button and it's triple black good looks. What makes it worse is that I had traded a Fastback Commando for it.
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#888837 Aug 20th a 12:20 AM
by Roadwarrior
I had a Kawasaki 500 H1 and it scared the crap out of me. Insanely fast with terrible suspension and brakes. I could beat anything on the street with that pig, but felt I was about to die any second.
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#888867 Aug 20th a 01:26 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Originally Posted by GrandPaul
Bultaco Pursang 250.

It was REALLY fun once I got it running, but usually had to kick 2 or 3 hundred times, or get someone to push start me...

[Linked Image]

Second would be Freddy Fender's HD Sportster. Felt like a tractor, except tractors are useful...

[Linked Image]

Damnit GP.......weren't you a little small for the Pursang??? laughing

Don't mean to insult anyone but that Harley wouldn't look that bad with a bush hog behind it thumbsup
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#888871 Aug 20th a 02:28 PM
by GrandPaul
Originally Posted by Gordon Gray
Damnit GP.......weren't you a little small for the Pursang???
That was our newlywed day out of the bikes, my new bride was riding out Yamaha monoshock 250 with my son Jason on the back, I was on the Pursang. We stopped for a photo shoot and I had him hold the bike and keep blipping the throttle to keep it lit.
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#888892 Aug 20th a 10:28 PM
by JubeePrince
Don’t hate any of my bikes, but I DO hate when I can’t get an issue sorted.

To wit: the Jubilee. Has a distinct ‘rattle’ between 3000-3200 rpm. Can’t figure it out for the life of me. I’ve had the top end apart, checked the primary, headlight bucket, fasteners, etc. no love.

I’m leaning towards maybe a broken spring (or some other bit) in one of the forks as it is definitely coming from the front half of the bike. Only under load. It’s been like this for a year and a half now, so maybe I’ll get into the forks this wint-ah. Other than that niggling bit, it’s all good!

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#889260 Aug 25th a 11:35 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
I FORGOT WASN'T mine (Thank GOD). The guy that had done all my important welding (I do the non life threatening stuff) for well over 30 years......calls one day and says he has this thing and would I get it started for him. He's deep into the vintage look....UN-RESTORED
more rust the better as long as it's solid. Paint means absolutely nothing to him. So it was going to be my "payment" to him for all the welding he's done for me over the years....always for free.

I took LOTS of photos and then deleted them all.....I did keep one video of it running. I walked around that damn thing for 2 years.......I hated every inch of it. I never rode it......nope. Some one had sheared off the flywheel chewed up the shaft. The key way looked like someone took a dremel to it and ground it into an unusable mess. The guy he got it from ( for way too much money) told him it would run......all you needed to do was make another aluminum key and tap it in the shaft.......because that's what he did and it ran.....for a few minutes.

I had to spend a small fortune on it. I kept running across these nice examples for MUCH less than what we were going to have in it combined. I tried to get him to just let me get him one already running and looking better.....this thing was solid but kinda ugly IMO.

I did, tires, brakes, wheel bearings, pulled the engine, found a new crank, ran all new cables ( what a [***] job that is). Got a new seat......cleaned (no paint) it......soda blasted any bare metal. Had to pay to complete the engine build......and the same fellow got it going once I got the engine back in it.

Engine got bearings, seals, new piston w/rings, new muffler and new carb w/filter.

1955 AllState Scooter

I know exactly where it is.....not far at all from my house so I could go over there and take a photo of it......but I'm not gona do it.

I know there are folks that love them......I'm not one of them

Found a photo of where I was with the took 2 years so all the owner had was photos from time to time. I hated it so much I deleted all the photos except this one that apparently slipped through the cracks.

[Linked Image]
Attached Images
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#889250 Aug 25th a 08:32 PM
by MikeG
The only one I ever hated was a Vespa that was given to me. Only hated it because I couldn't make it run so I just gifted it along to someone else.
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#888883 Aug 20th a 07:57 PM
by kurt fischer
kurt fischer
^^ I sold 100s of kaw triples as a kaw dealer 1969-1976, never lost a customer. Rode many miles on them myself, no crashes. Just my first-hand experience, not hear-say.
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#889996 Sep 3rd a 11:53 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
Originally Posted by Stuart Kirk
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
Originally Posted by kurt fischer
^^ I sold 100s of kaw triples as a kaw dealer 1969-1976, never lost a customer. Rode many miles on them myself, no crashes.......
I rode the 500 and 750 when they were only a few years old.......the handling was something a sensible rider could deal with.......
I was finishing up high school in 1969. I remember a "sensible rider" classmate wheelstanding his white tank H1 half way up the hill from the school driveway to the RR overcrossing in a wailing cloud of smoke. It was awesome, but how many "sensible" riders actually bought these raucous beasts? But to each his own.
They were all bought for the acceleration...Cycle mag editor Cook Neilson demonstrated to Kawasaki reps how dangerous the bike could be when pushed to limit.....
In the 73 Cycle mag superbike comparison, with experienced amatuer racers, the Kawa 750 was faster aound a track than a Norton,Triumph triple and Ducati....
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#889979 Sep 3rd a 08:31 PM
by BeezaBryan
Originally Posted by Stuart Kirk
[quote=Ian Ashdown]“ handled like a drunk girlfriend.”

............. a common Harley riding position that looks like it was designed by a gynecologist.

laughing laughing
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#890040 Sep 4th a 04:38 PM
by Tridentman
Hi Oldfool--- there is another old fool in northern Joooisey who is into triples--- me!
Stuart is correct---like all Brit bikes they are like women---unpredictable, expensive and lots of character--- but I wouldn't want to be without them!
And you are correct-- the triples are the most extreme examples of this.
As for being skilled or rich---not sure that I qualify on either count!
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#890058 Sep 5th a 12:12 AM
by Tridentman
I agree with Kurts sentiment.
I have not hated any Brit bike that I owned.
However I have liked some more than others!
Starting with a 1956 BSA D7 Bantam 150cc that I bought as a student for 28 pounds 10 shillings (about $30).
That would have been exactly 61 years ago!
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