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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#884216 06/29/2022 2:51 PM
by r.bartlett

Do we think the oncoming recession c/w the phase out of oil based fuels and society perception of ICE vehicles will affect prices going forward?
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#884246 Jun 29th a 07:10 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by r.bartlett

Do we think the oncoming recession c/w the phase out of oil based fuels and society perception of ICE vehicles will affect prices going forward?

Prices cycle up and down anyhow to some degree ... for example, you can buy a nice riding BSA A10 for $1500 less than you could 15 years ago.

Perfect, pristine examples of old cars and bikes tend to bring really stupid high prices these days. Nice riders or period-correct vehicles are holding their price or have been falling a bit, probably not related to any upcoming recession.

The "society" perception of internal combustion vehicles looks like it does because of the people that have the megaphones. About 10% of the population has the loud megaphones and the ear of the media and is pushing electric vehicles and such. The rest of us just need to get from one place to another economically as we always have, and will only put up with so much of the "green revolution" that will prevent us from doing it. A few years, a change from one set of Ruling Elites to the other, and fuel will be affordable again and these silly "do away with oil" commitments, that are physically impossible anyhow, will get left in the dust of the dirty, ecosystem-killing slave-labor cobalt and lithium mining necessary to make a few short range EVs.

So I don't see our hobby changing a whole lot. Unfortunately, watching US politics these days is like being tied to a chair in a room with a toddler playing with a loaded automatic .... so you never know.

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#884299 Jun 30th a 04:18 AM
by BSA_WM20
Well we have the reincarnation of PT Barnam in the form of Elon Musk convincing us that the future is electric cars
However to simply swap every currently registered IC powered car world wide with an EV one will require at least twice the known world reserves of copper ( assuming a 100% scrap recovery rate ) and near 4 times the know reserves of Cobalt .
The various mining associations are yet to decide what is the known reserves of Niobium but it would be a reasonable bet there is not enough of that either .

We have got ourselves into a mess by over consumption of poorly made products with short service lives and then not properly recycling the raw materials because virgin materials are cheaper

We can not buy our way out of it but those who will make trillions out of conversion to EV's & Solar cells ( Musk & Tesla ) are flat out convincing us that swapping to one of his cars then tossing some panels on the roof with a lithium bomb bolted to the side of the house and we can carry on as usual.
Unfortunately those who failed science in 2nd grade and believe in the superman complex ( a hero will always step in to save us no matter what ) have taken Musks bait, hook line & sinker .

Unfortunately the highly emotional ignorant will usually drown out the objective well informed and we get stupid laws like Cal banning all IC powered garden products as of Jan 1 2023 and 1/2 of the EU banning the sale of IC engined vehicles between 2025 & 2030 .

And then we have fashion
A split screen VW beetle will set you back near $ 80,000 ( aus) because people who never had to suffer them new think they are the bees knees,, today
Tomorrow it will be something else andbecause all of their "life skills" have been extracted from a smart phonet they have no idea about quality or duarbility and even if they did they would not be ablet to asses a product for it.

I have been reproached several times about my highly polluting WM20 by young people with no idea
I then ask them how big the engine is in their eco friendly car and what speed it idles at
Then I ask them to think ( very difficultt thing to do ) about how much CO2 they produce compared to my 500cc engine that idles at 450 rpm and is flat out at 4500 rpm
Most who can add 3 numbers in their heads without resorting to their phones look blank then storm off to annoy some one else .
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#884257 Jun 29th a 09:16 PM
by reverb
reverb the Power now know that they can control us; no matter the social cultural or economic class.
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#884355 Jun 30th a 03:48 PM
by rick e.
rick e.
Originally Posted by GrandPaul
Originally Posted by r.bartlett
the electrical vehicle industry was held back by
b, lack of investment as it was seen as not possible
Oh my...

Our out-of-control, bedfellow politicians have been robbing ALL of us to help subsidize the EV "green" (misnomer of all time) industries, as well as using our hard-earned tax dollars to subsidize the purchase of EVs to folks who mostly earn at or near the high end of the income scale.


Sickening? You might need a visit to the ER if you looked up what Big Oil has been subsidized coupled with mind blowing profits so far in 2022.
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#884332 Jun 30th a 12:59 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by Rohan
Tell us what you really think Trev !

Perhaps we just need less people.
Lots less people...
The coming nuclear war may solve that.
The aftermath may not be pretty ....

Invest in Antarctic real estate now, beat the rush.

The Davos and WEF crowd are real big on "reducing the population" of surplus consumers and carbon producers, and how the Earth Mother Gaia could do with a few billion less people ...

... but I can't help but notice that even though a Bill Gates or a Klaus Schwab has a carbon and petroleum signature (with their Learjets and yachts) that's about 10,000 times that of an African or South Asian, they never seem to get this de-population process going starting with themselves. The plague or nuclear war that's going to do this for them won't QUITE reach them, and they'll be able to run their de-populated world with little or no pain to their own good selves.

By the way, if YOU think "we just need less people" and decide to lead by example .... can I have your bikes, since I asked first? beerchug

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#884318 Jun 30th a 11:05 AM
The worms ARE the spice!
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#884339 Jun 30th a 02:01 PM
by MikeG
Maybe one of these made from junkyard stuff??

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#884353 Jun 30th a 03:38 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by r.bartlett
however on topic my fear of rising oil prices and ice being squeezed out of fashion I'm concerned our passion will reduce most to garage queen status..or perhaps that will be our inheritors problem?

ICE vehicles will be on the road, and petrol available for them everywhere, FAR past the end of my life span, and probably the span of most people on this list. That will be true even if there's a breakthrough in battery technology equivalent to harnessing fusion power for electricity generation.

Some technologies just work. When the last B-52 bomber is retired by the last Air National Guard unit, it will be over 100 years old. Elite military units still choose the Colt .45 Model 1911 as their preferred sidearm, even though it's 111 years old. The existing ICE vehicles and their support infrastructure will not disappear any time soon, no matter how many government edicts are planned to say so.

Just because we won't be here to see the transition doesn't mean we shouldn't be interested, though. For example, I'm planting trees this year and next that I will never see grow to maturity; I'm doing it for those who come after me. .....

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#884366 Jun 30th a 05:21 PM
by Roadwarrior
I think the prices of our bikes have no connection with oil or electric vehicles. Prices go up and down depending on interest of a buyer. The folks who like our old bikes are all getting old. As we all start to sell our machines, prices will start to decline. I collect antique clocks. The prices now are about 1/3 of what they were in the year 2000. It’s because the collectors all died off, and no one wants them anymore. Too difficult to keep running, and too few people to work on them. Sounds familiar? I think the highest price your going to get for your antique motorcycle is right now. Demand is decreasing daily. It’s next to impossible to restore a machine properly, and break even these days.
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#884385 Jun 30th a 09:43 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by Roadwarrior
The folks who like our old bikes are all getting old. As we all start to sell our machines, prices will start to decline. .

I don't think so. EVERY "generation" thinks that they're going to be the last one. "No one will be interested in the things I'm interested in". I can give you quite a few counter-examples, including my own son, to that proposition.

WE think of ourselves as being a "generation", but we motorcycle and classic car owners are a smooth continuum of every single age from 18 to 100.

There's no one alive today where even their father bought a new Flying Merkel in 1914, or a new Brough in 1923, but the prices of those bikes haven't come down; matter of fact, rich 30 somethings are paying millions for them. Model T's may have dropped in value, because so many of them were restored and put back in service, but I'll guarantee you that 1932 V8s are eye-wateringly expensive. Interest waxes and wanes depending on the model, and what was popular in the latest movie (you wouldn't believe how many Vincent experts there are since that thrice-damned song came out), but old collector stuff has never lost its value yet. Let me know when an AC Ace or an Indian Four shows up on the local craigslist for reasonable money, and I know a couple of 30 somethings that'll be right over, cash in hand ....

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#884426 Jul 1st a 08:40 AM
by Shane in Oz
Shane in Oz
Originally Posted by Rohan
We diverge from bikes, a little.
The only divergence we haven't already had is "the grassy knoll"
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#884421 Jul 1st a 05:11 AM
by Rohan
Originally Posted by DavidP
while a perfectly good Commando, reliable with brakes that actually work, go for maybe $6000.

Not in this part of the world.
I was just showing someone a link to a Commando, with an asking plice of A$37500.
Fairly ordinary too.

I would say thats just crazy here, but there are a bunch of them over A$30k.
I commented I've never heard of one changing hands at remotely that $$.
Or even A$20k
Big disconnect between asking $$ here and what you can import them for. ?
(Mine is an import, a while back though).

If you want something even stranger, all these bobbers about take the biscuit ?
Cut down, bobbed, wrapped exhaust, fugly = double the $$ ???
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