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#862386 11/04/2021 12:50 PM
by Kev Ev
Kev Ev
Hi all,

I have read quite a few articles about the pros and cons of the Indian petrol tanks that are commonly advertised for sale on eBay.

I recently had my 1966 Lightning petrol tank re-chromed and painted by Colin, at 'The Finishing Touch'. He's made a decent job of it (see attached photo), although I believe it could have been better.

I have another incomplete bike (no petrol tank for it) that I am going to donate a lot of the good useable parts to, that have come off my Lightning during it's recent and ongoing re-build.

Because of the 'relatively' cheap cost of these Indian tanks I was thinking of biting the bullet and having a go at buying one for the other bike.

Has anyone got any positive feedback for any of the Indian sellers? I have read that some are good and some are not and it would be good if I could get feedback on which ones are the good ones?


Kev E
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#862624 Nov 7th a 04:58 PM
by Roadwarrior
I broke down last month, and bought an Indian tank for my B44 Victor. The tank looks great, is high quality work, fits prrfectly, but is about 3/4 inch slimmer than the original totally beat one I have. Overall very good.
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#862761 Nov 9th a 05:04 PM
by ziggy53
I have ordered two indian tanks from Royal Choppers and the quality of both is decent. One was a steel 5 gallon spitfire tank. painted and the other was a uk style 4 gallon chromed and painted tank. The filler caps on both are poor quality but no biggy as the good british ones fit right on. The paint job itself is decent on both but the paint is not quite as good as the original. Both tanks are a tiny bit heavier than the originals as the steel is marginally thicker. Niether had any rust or blemishes as received. Delivery took quite a while but well worth it for the price. I have no experience with any of the other suppliers so can't comment on them.
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#862747 Nov 9th a 01:06 PM
by MarcB
Originally Posted by Spitfire Ken
I took the chance and had great luck. Ordered large Spitfire tank in raw steel ( No leaks whatsoever:

Royal Chopper:

Fantastic communication. 30 days from payment until the tank showed up at my door in the US.

Pressure tested twice (no repairs needed), then sealed by a local radiator shop prior to painting.
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#862450 Nov 5th a 04:17 AM
by BSA_WM20
IT goes like this
There is no quality control from most vendors
The person selling them is just that a vendor and when you pay him he commissions a metal beater to make you one, usually from a photo of wat it should look like
So some will be excellent and others unuseable rubbish. all depends upon how lucky you feel and who the vendor commissions your tank from
What people do not seem to fathom is there is no factory.
They are all made in diferent workshops , usually a single person affair
Their are no detail drawings and the photos on the web are not the tank you will be buying .
I have seen a RGS tank that was perfect in every way apart from the colour but the owner just sprayed the NOS side covers to match the tank
I have seen others where the chrome was that thin you could see the greenish tinge from the nickel plating coming through
I have even seen one where you could see the brand name that was originally on the side of the 44 gallon drum ( wild guess ) that the tank was made from
Some are thicj & heay while others are so thin you can press the sides in with your palms
Most will have the wrong threads for things like badges and some even have metric tap holes .

There is a resaon why the tank costs less than you paid for the paint job on your old one & it in not because the maker was a BSA enthusiast & feeling benevolent.
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#862735 Nov 9th a 09:45 AM
by Dave Martin
Dave Martin
Cant help but notice that the only person on this thread who actually bought an actual tank from India, rather than repeating rumors, and rumors of rumors, was actually very pleased with the darn thing. "The tank looks great, is high quality work, fits prrfectly, ". It looks good to me as well!

As for the Indian tank being 3/4" narrower ........ well I have two, genuine period correct English tanks, and one is narrower than the other!
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#862767 Nov 9th a 06:52 PM
by linker48x
I also have bought two painted tanks off eBay from Royal Chopper, and both are of fine useable everyday rider quality. The BSA tank I bought to give me an everyday rider replacement for the fiberglass tank. I simply didn’t want to mess with the original fiberglass and sealing for everyday use and so I removed that tank and set it aside.

If you are perfectionist it or want show quality, then you’ll want something other than an Indian tank. I went into this with eyes open and got a serviceable and useable product both times for everyday riding. Both tanks serve the bill for me. Maybe I’m just lucky, but Royal Chopper was the vendor for both. YRMV.
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#862953 Nov 12th a 05:56 AM
by quinten
Originally Posted by NickL
My old crate with the $350 delivered Indian tank.
[Linked Image from]
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#862403 Nov 4th a 04:40 PM
by gunner
A few years ago I bought an Indian petrol tank for my A65 on eBay, I opted for a cheap unpainted one with the intention of having it painted locally.

First impressions weren't good, the tank was full of rust and dirt and needed de-rusting internally and sealing with POR15.

The fit wasn't great either being particularly tight around the headstock, additionally, the filler neck was higher than the original which made the filler cap sit proud.

The local painter did a good job on the tank and side panels, so in the end, it turned out OK especially considering the bargain price I paid. With most Indian sellers you can make silly offers that are often accepted, so be prepared to bargain.

I think there is a great amount of variability with the Indian tanks, so try and get one from a recommended seller.
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#862425 Nov 4th a 10:51 PM
by NickL
I bought a chrome 4 gall uk style tank for my 72 t'bolt about 4 or 5 years ago.
It cost less than i could have had the horrible original style one painted for.
It's well welded and it fits, the chrome isn't bad.It hasn't gone rusty yet.
It fitted straight on and it doesn't leak.
I tend to ride the bike rather than take photo's or polish it, it doesn't get entered into shows.
All in all it's very good.
I think it came from royal choppers maybe.
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#862428 Nov 4th a 11:06 PM
by Bustednukel
Thinkin' the Indian tank sellers on Ebay of recent are getting the tanks form one manufacturer. Will be buying one at some point when the one I want falls back to reality as far as value.

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#862493 Nov 5th a 09:09 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
CBS asked "Very interesting Wonder if the video stills exists?

I haven't been able to find it. I couldn't have been the only one to see it though and I'd be surprised if it wasn't linked through this site somewhere.

Pretty good quality, don't remember it being long. At one point you're going down an alley or street and there are these kids squatting outside with a block of wood and a mallet working on tanks.

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#862657 Nov 7th a 11:25 PM
by Jon W. Whitley
Jon W. Whitley
Originally Posted by Roadwarrior
I broke down last month and bought an Indian tank for my B44 Victor. The tank looks great, is high-quality work, fits perfectly but is about 3/4 inch slimmer than the original totally beat one I have. Overall very good.

Looks great and without telling, can't imagine anyone could tell the difference!! Good to know and would be great to know which seller you got the tank from?
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#862756 Nov 9th a 04:10 PM
by kommando
Spitfire Ken, you bought those tanks a long time ago, the Indians have got better but more importantly the reliable suppliers have now been identified. Time moves on and the Indian tanks are now worth a punt as long as you stick to the recommended sellers such as pummy8081, Royal Choppers and a couple more.
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#862790 Nov 10th a 12:09 AM
by kevin
oh [***]

i missed that

i have no brain
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#862783 Nov 9th a 09:49 PM
by Roadwarrior
Sorry, been out of pocket. I got my B44 tank on ebay from Hope the link works. I think there is only one manufacturer but several vendors. Here is the pic again. The cap unit screws down onto the tank. Looks original, and there are no decent originals I could find. Comes without the Victor sticker. Got that from Peter Quick. Took 2 months to receive the tank. Did not need a liner.
Attached Images
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#862741 Nov 9th a 11:43 AM
by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
Ken, the solution to the ethanol - rust problem is simple:

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#862784 Nov 9th a 09:54 PM
by kevin
wasnt there a plumley . . . or a pummy . . . or similar who sold decent tanks out of india?
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#862785 Nov 9th a 09:59 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Originally Posted by kommando
Spitfire Ken, you bought those tanks a long time ago, the Indians have got better but more importantly the reliable suppliers have now been identified. Time moves on and the Indian tanks are now worth a punt as long as you stick to the recommended sellers such as pummy8081, Royal Choppers and a couple more.

There you go kevin........that's who I went through. Good communication and always told me the truth even if I didn't want to hear it.

Tank was not lined and it's done a couple 1000 miles mounted on my C25....which we all know does not vibrate. On one of my runs I was trying my best to keep up with the bigger bikes. 65-70 for miles. Ruptured the fiberglass stock oil tank at the fixing stud ( boy did that make a mess) but the made in India gas tank is still leak free.

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