Back from a 2 week summer vacation to Michigan and Illinois. AHRMA did a back to back at Gingerman and Blackhawk Farms, in that order this year. It was good to escape the North Carolina heat for awhile. Aside the cursed Chicago traffic, the trip was uneventful.
Racing: The Triumph was running good, but in Friday practice, the front tire was feeling funny. After my experience with the B50 rear Avon letting go at New Jersey in June, I was a little concerned. A person can't ride well not trusting that everything is spot on. Talked to several people who agreed that when the AM26 gets cupped (mine was) they can get unpredictable. As I don't want to be fixing another wrecked racebike, it was a no brainer. Wound up with a Bridgestone BT46. Bridgestone has had their reps at the past few races asking what we want. I think they are going to go all in with vintage racing tires which is good because it seems Avon is getting out of it. Anyway, the tire I got is the street compound, the race compound is not ready yet. This worried me at first but as I pushed it harder, it stuck just fine and got better as I got more time on it.
Saturday, I had a good race with John Rickard on the fast Norton. He held me off for second (Wes Goodpaster won) and on the cool down lap, his mag quit. He determined that it was unrepairable so the Norton was done for the weekend. John has a fast SR500 Yamaha that goes well in Formula 500 so he at least didn't need to go home.
Bill Gumby is racing better every time out on the BSA. He went up with Dave Spanger and I believe beat him.
Moving the B50 into Sportsman has been humbling. Those Honda 350 and 450's are fast. I didn't come in last is all I have there. Already talked to Ed V and Rob Hall. Might have something for them next year.
Sunday's 650 race was red flagged early. On the restart sighting lap, coming out of turn 2 on the upshift, the gearbox locked between 2 and 3. Shifter locked solid. Got to see the race from the corner worker's shack.
Sunday night headed north to a good friend's place with a few other racers for several days of fishing, beer, swimming, and second amendment exercise.
Got my gearbox taken apart and found one of the rollers on the bronze shift fork had come loose and locked up the camplate. There are a couple of guys in the area that have a stash of parts and I was able to get a good fork and put it all back together.
On to Illinois. Blackhawk is one of my favorite tracks. It's like a state park with a road course. The track is challenging but once you do some laps, it has a natural flow that seems to get better as you go faster. The Bridgestone was working great so thats one worry to put out of mind. There was some attrition in the 650's. Bill's crank was getting a bunch of side to side movement so he packed up and went home. Rickard was out and Wes broke his Norton in Saturday's BEARS race so didn't race it Sunday. That left only me and Dave S on Sun. Wound up with a 2nd and a win for the weekend.
I'm looking forward to Talledega over Labor day weekend. Rickard and gumby should be fixed and Jake Hall is planning to be there and I suspect Stan Keys will be there with his fast Triton. Those boys will make me work!