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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#846806 04/22/2021 2:01 PM
by Kevin E
Kevin E
Hi all,

Once I get my bike back together the engine will be almost brand new, apart from the obvious bits like the casings and covers.

I intend to run it in using Morris Golden Film Running In Oil, after which I will use the Golden Film SAE 20W-50 oil for the engine.

Will it be ok to use the same oil in the gearbox, or should I go with an SAE 50 monograde oil?

What are your thoughts and does anyone have any recommendations for the gearbox oil.


Kev E
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#846810 Apr 22nd a 03:23 PM
by Lannis
Gear Oil for the Gear Box. Any 80W-90 or similar will do. 20W-50 is correct for the engine.

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#846829 Apr 22nd a 06:48 PM
by gavin eisler
gavin eisler
Ive used EP90, or EP 80- 90 gear oil, for 30 years with zero problems. it takes 7/8ths of an imperial Pint.
This is what BSA ask for in the manual. Do not use engine oil in the gearbox, it wont do any harm, but it will be better with real gear oil which is formulated with cats piss so that it doesnt squeeze out under the tooth point loads. The smell also helps pin point leaks.

Morris GF20 -50 is good oil for the motor.

Automatic transmission fluid, ATF, keeps the clutch happy and greatly reduces cold start stickyness.
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#847086 Apr 25th a 11:11 AM
by RobJP
Agreed on all the above, except use a gearbox oil (EP 90 or 80W90) that has no higher a rating than GL4, as the EP additive in GL5 grades can cause corrosion to the gearbox bearing surfaces - SRM advised me on this years ago and I've read it elsewhere several times since.

Opie Oils website has plenty to choose from. I use Castrol Classic EP90 myself but there are plenty of others available.

If you're looking to fit an oil filter on an A65, Paul Goff offers a kit which mounts a Norton Commando filter from one of the rear engine mountings. Not too difficult to do and well worthwhile. It's quite inconspicuous and offers easy filter changes too.
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