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JER.Hill, pushrod tom, Stuart Kirk
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#843387 03/18/2021 1:47 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
I always say if you use a shop enough times they will screw up......I installed .020 timing bushing in the warmed case using a hydraulic presss. I told the shop to check the bushing and hone it if necessary to make sure it's round and has no burrs...Well they dropped the ball, the bushing has .0028 clearance when I asked for .0015.....The .0015 clearance was told to me by several BSA tuners....
So, will the increse in clearance cause low oil pressue issues?
Any of you have actual experience with these bushing clearances? thanks
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#843653 Mar 21st a 12:49 AM
by NickL
Originally Posted by Allan G
Originally Posted by DavidP
Originally Posted by Allan G
You could switch to thicker oil wink
Maybe some of that 70 weight aircraft oil that old Harley dudes use? laughing

You’d be surprised how many owners simply use a higher viscosity grade oil just to quieten the motor down.

Thii ok ugh choosing the right viscosity is important. There was a post on face-ache the other month where a fellow was stating he used something like 5-30. He was also one of those guys that was a mechanic for Aston Martini so knew everything about oil... or at least as much as what the autodata could tell him.

The last few years i raced my old beezer i ran R30 which is 30 weight, it was excellent oil as far as wear was concerned.
Despite everyone saying it's too light for 40+ deg ambient i never had any problems with oil pressure or smoking. It flows
great from cold which is really important. BUT then i never had any problems with pump petrol either whereas some say
you must run methanol here.
The main noticeable difference between the oil i used previously and the R was..........
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#843623 Mar 20th a 04:59 PM
by Stuart Kirk
Stuart Kirk
Originally Posted by pushrod tom
Since it is all apart why not tap for a pressure gauge.....? PRT
Excellent suggestion.

Look into 1/16" pipe fittings and tap because there it scant room and wall thickness to work with. 1/8-npt is just too big. Position your port to avoid the frame loop too.
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#843631 Mar 20th a 08:40 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
6 threads are enough in this situation.. I have junk cases I drilled first...
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