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Geoff Patrick
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Kevin E
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#841356 02/27/2021 7:24 PM
by Kevin E
Kevin E
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what the correct diameter is for the hole in the oil tank bracket for the top mounting rubber bush and fastener. Photo attached.

Although my oil tank is in pretty good condition I’m pretty certain that at some time in the past someone has made a repair to the top mounting bracket by welding a new piece to it. When I originally stripped the bike down it had a rubber grommet in this hole.

I’ve bought the correct rubber bush and sleeve for the top mount but it currently will not fit through the hole in the way I believe it should. I think this is because the hole in the bracket is too small and I would like to know what size it should be, if anyone could please tell me.


Kev E
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#841388 Feb 28th a 02:36 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
The bracket looks correct to me and the rubber bushing does not.

On both of my A65s, I gave up on trying to get that mount "as original", and reengineered it. If the i.d. of the bushing is 5/16", you could cut the o.d. down to fit the oil tank. I'd also suggest a rubber washer between the oil tank lug and the frame.
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#841421 Feb 28th a 02:59 PM
by AML
Could it be that you have a bung intended for an pre’68 Victor? There are issues with using those with the original distance piece and bolt.
Maybe there are similar issues with the A65 part (if they are in fact different)?

[Linked Image from]
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#841422 Feb 28th a 03:06 PM
by Beach
[Linked Image][Linked Image]Here is what my tank looks like. Will be able to get measurement after bit.
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#841433 Feb 28th a 04:11 PM
by Ignoramus
Because I cant stand under-engineered fastener type stuff that you cant even see i made one out of a couple if different diameter reinforced petrol line (long bit with a short bit over the end super glued on ) its obviously oil proof but the main point is that it wont perish in 5 months like the modern replacement rubber bits,

Also whist i had the tank out ( what a mission) i got a guy with a MIG welder to weld a couple of triangular cleats in the corners of the tank bracket as they are notorious for cracking there due to vibration.......I also made the bottom mounts by super gluing a large diameter piece of petrol hose ( like gas pump hose) onto a bolt with a panel washer fixed to the head those little cups DO get oil on them and rot out , naturally IF you can get replacements of those they arnt made oil oil proof rubber .......the things we do
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