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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#840220 02/16/2021 7:27 PM
by raf940
kent shaun ere ye still kickin.?
Liked Replies
#840601 Feb 20th a 12:43 PM
by Rich B
Rich B
Originally Posted by reverb
..Regarding this virus, the actions taken are disproportionately for a not so lethal virus. is lethal....having filled out an application with the Grim Reaper the 1st weekend of December alters your perspective.

Laying awake in your room at night while 5 people in the wing of the hospital you are in breathed their last that night alters your perspective.

BTW, the Grim Reaper decided I was too grumpy and threw me back.....
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#840687 Feb 21st a 04:13 AM
by Kent Shaun
Kent Shaun
Gentlemen, I'm informed that there are some people on this good Earth that believe there's some invisible man that will help them in times of trouble, there are some people that believe the Earth started only 6000yrs ago, some think that man never walked on the moon, or if your skin colour is different then you're somehow inferior to them..... ohno

All extremely strange, BUT and you'll see that's is indeed a big but, like Kermit and he's mates say, Vive La Difference. And for once I agree, so no matter who thinks what's right and wrong, let us get back to what we all know, and that is riding our lovely motorcycles in the Sunshine, with a smile in our hearts.... wink

Just sayin'
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#840431 Feb 18th a 06:34 PM
by wadeschields
Seems like the quarantining and the remoteness of the country as far as travel really benefited in the eradication of the virus .. In America, money meant more then lives ... Funny enough I truly believe that we could have reopened sooner if we had taken it more seriously at the beginning... too late for that now of course... The virus is in every corner and every crevice so now our only hope is vaccination ....
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#840465 Feb 19th a 12:03 AM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
Originally Posted by rick e.
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
Originally Posted by quinten
[Linked Image from]
NZ kicked covid to the curb with only 6 weeks of Cooperative lockdown
An island of about 5 million compared to what?

Y = cases
X = Days

The chart is reaction time.....postive/negative slope(s) is the telling bit.
It's telling me an isolated island with a limited population can control the disease easier than non isolated countries with many times the population..Hey my Ducati is way faster than any Meriden Triumph, how about that? grin
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#840297 Feb 17th a 04:35 PM
by reverb
...Hi Shaun; I am afraid that those sirens will never be sounded. They want the CONTROL and now in XXI they just did the test and know now that is easy to control us. They want to CHANGE the economy paradigms. They do not care about "us".
Regarding this virus, the actions taken are disproportionately for a not so lethal virus. Plenty more viruses around that are MORE lethal; included the ones that ARE the vaccine and normal medication...but seems nobody cares??? Fear; all deep in fear...
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#840361 Feb 18th a 02:36 AM
by NickL
I am as big a cynic as any of you BUT, the lockdown thing has worked here.
When it was relaxed away it all went again, you just can't rely on people to
act with any degree of sensibility, if you liken it to the 1918 flu, people were
locked down then, now you have a much larger and more mobile population.
I loathe government interference in personal matters as much as anyone,
but i think if nothing had been done the situation would be far worse.
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#840613 Feb 20th a 03:18 PM
by reverb
reverb not alters my perspective in any way. The same way that you mention, is the way that previous more lethal virus like H1N1 killed many. Now, you can have whatever other problem AND this virus but they treat like your only one is the covid 19. If you die, for the record you would die for covid and not for the other causes, like Cancer.

I know many here with the Covid and nothing happened with them. Different ages.
When I said not so lethal; still of course is the word "lethal"; but when some one is deep in fear there is no reasoning.
Also; if a person is religious, why so many fear? Will be a better Life after...
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#840663 Feb 21st a 12:07 AM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
Docs tell me I have statisticly a 6 percent chance of living 5 more years , I'm 73.....Covid might kill me quick, or my condition may kill the covid, lol....I ain't afraid of the grim reaper, He comes near me and I'll cave in his head with a Triumph stanchion tube...
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