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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by clive1
HI Beeza Boys,
I want to convert my '62 A10 rear wheel set up, from the standard FWH to the QD gold star type set up,
are swing arms the same, in other words can I retain my original A10 s/arm,
+ are there any conversion kits out there,
do not need the wheel, only the centre hub, as would lace with S/S spokes,
would really appreciate any advice, and ideally someone here who has actually made this change to their A10
cheers guys
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by trevinoz
And the rims won't lace to the single side hub.
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by slow learner
slow learner
Another thing I forgot to mention; the swing arm for a QD wheel uses a smaller diameter pivot shaft. The conversion is not impossible but it will involve a fair amount of work and adaptation.
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by Andy Higham
Andy Higham
The swing arms are different. The QD type has the brake anchor on the left
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by slow learner
slow learner
In addition to the swing arm you would need to reconfigure the brake pedal. A friend was considering doing this conversion and has gathered all the parts but has yet to do the conversion. Replacing the swing-arm requires removing the transmission. Before you know it the whole bike is in pieces.
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by Gordo in Comox
Gordo in Comox
Clive: If you decide to change the swingarm you need to consider the diameter of the swingarm fork spindle. Your current spindle would be the large hollow type to accommodate the brake crossover shaft. The GS spindle is solid and thinner and the mounting holes in the frame are smaller.

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