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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#839084 02/04/2021 10:36 PM
by Ian Ashdown
Ian Ashdown
It may exist somewhere already, and if not I'm not sure what would be the best format, but I wonder if a database of the correct finishes Chrome, Cad, Polish, Paint etc and also modern equivalent paint color codes etc for as many parts as possible might be an achievable and usable tool. Something that we all could add to and would build over time perhaps. Something searchable by Manufacturer and Part Number possibly.

Any thoughts?

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#839474 Feb 9th a 02:54 AM
by Ian Ashdown
Ian Ashdown
With the way this thread went, I long ago decided that trying to get anything like this would be way too much like herding cats and completely gave up on any idea of it!

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#839420 Feb 8th a 07:02 PM
by R Moulding
R Moulding
Originally Posted by Rohan
You keep saying cellulose, not nitrocellulose or Duco.or lacquer - as it has been widely known for many a year.
As though there was some difference.
Its still widely available in Asia as Duco, it would seem.

None of my Triumph bits would seem to have been painted in it.
Do the brochures ever mention it, we wonder ?

Ok then,

I do not use the term "Lacquer" as it can be used to describe a variety of non automotive finishes. This tends to cause confusion.
I do not use the term "Duco" since this is not a type of paint it is a brand name used originally for a line of Cellulose paints from Dupont. Yes, it is still available in Asia but is no longer a Cellulose ( Lacquer/Nitrocellulose ) it is ( According to Wikki ) an automotive Enamel.
I've only ever heard our American friends talk of "Nitrocellulose" when describing Triumph paint finishes. Since these finishes were Cellulose I assume it's the same thing.

So I call Cellulose paint, Cellulose because that is what it is. The more common name used in the UK was simply "Celly" but again this causes confusion.

Aside from the information given in the manual I have also had several long conversations with John Critchlow over the years.
He also confirmed a Cellulose finish was used.
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#839377 Feb 8th a 12:35 PM
by Allan G
Allan G
Originally Posted by AngloBike
If you can hang about until the uk weather improves, I have two tiger Cubs to paint.
I am using RS paints, some of which are water soluble and will top with 2K aerosol (with full ppe)

Funnily enough im hoping for a March as good as last year so i can get my tinware painted. We had some right scorchers during the late March. I also had several weeks of unwanted leave off which meant I did have a pick of the days also.

I have ceased using RS paints after using them for about 10 years, they used to be great to deal with (and I have bought a lot of paint off them) lately I have found their colour matches to be off, and their customer service to be more off than rottern eggs.

If you have an original pannel or find a car colour you like, most local paint shops will match or let you look through a set of swatches until you find a colour close enough to what you want. They are also a hell of a lot cheaper than RS. The only good thing about RS is you can get the colour in Celulose.... But I now use a company called Buzz-Weld (online and from Avon area) who can supply Celulose in a colour match or to a RAL colour.
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#839367 Feb 8th a 09:51 AM
by chainreaction
Triumph info always refers to paint products as Cellulose back in the day, although i have tried some of the modern water based paints now out in the UK most of my older paint jobs have been done with Cellulose and then clear coated with modern 2k clear as the Cellulose lacquer (met/candy) paints could still suffer like they did years ago :-)
[Linked Image from]
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#839364 Feb 8th a 09:17 AM
by kommando
Well it was called cellulose both in the UK trade and in the Industry and still is to this day.
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#839184 Feb 5th a 10:04 PM
by AngloBike
Triumph paint was supplied by (I think) three suppliers and because of the way the painters worked, could be different on each bike.
John Crichlow in the uk is an expert in cellulose paint and supplies Triumph paint based on examples he has.
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#839878 Feb 13th a 04:12 AM
by BSA_WM20
Originally Posted by Rohan
Not everyone has given up on the idea though - great theme for a series of books ?

Latest in the Commando world.
Haven't seen it yet, not sure if its more mechanicals or cosmetics (?)

[Linked Image from]

Roy Bacon did a series of resto books for various makes.
While its little more than a primer, since one book couldn't possibly cover so many models in detail.
The basics are there though. And a lot of useful info, and pics.

[Linked Image from]

I'll admit to a certain Norton bias in this instance ...

Roy BAcon did little more han rhash factory literature that was sent to the office he worked in.
You cvould not call him an author in any way shape or form.
Firstly the information which is often wrong is specific to UK models only

At the best it should be "compiled by" or "edited by"
Although he does throw in a little unsubstianted opinion now & then.

My copies of his books have so many correction that I would not even recommend them as a coffee table book.
Even worse is the unbelievable arrogrance exhibited by the fact that neither he nor any of the publishers will acknowledge any of the mistakes nor make any attempt on making corrections in any of the multiple reprints.

Perhaps the Not Run book is better han his rubbish BSA books but I seriously doubt it.
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