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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#838975 02/03/2021 9:21 PM
by Kevin E
Kevin E
Hi all.

I’m thinking of putting the western style handlebars on my 1966 A65 Lightning.

I’ve only ever ridden it with the standard UK bars and because I’m getting on a bit now I’m wanting a more comfortable riding position.

What are your feelings on the difference between the two, assuming you’ve tried them both.

Am I right in thinking they’d make for a more comfortable ride?


Kev E
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#839380 Feb 8th a 12:53 PM
by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
What we old guys need is "ape hanger" bars;

1. We won't have to bend over to reach 'em

2. We can strap a piece of clear plastic to 'em as a windscreen,

3. The wind resistance against the plastic will slow us down to "safe" speeds.

4. The breeze around the 'screen will ventilate our armpits (deodorant no longer needed).
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#839280 Feb 7th a 04:56 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
Originally Posted by Gary E
Originally Posted by Mark Z
...Regarding length, someone here, I think it was Bonzo, said to get the right length, do a pushup, and measure the distance between your hands on the floor.

Gee, I need 18" bars.

I know, I don't think I followed that advice myself.
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#839023 Feb 4th a 01:01 PM
by Phil in Germany
Phil in Germany
I like the Western bar being 6'3" in imperial money... The point in regards to catching the wind is valid for sure.

Essentially my own A65s seldomly see motorway use. And I find the highbars suiting the rather awkwardly forward mounted foot rests quite well.


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#839095 Feb 4th a 11:36 PM
by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
Handlebars are like women

No TWO feel the same to everybody.
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#839101 Feb 5th a 01:27 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
I went for a compromise on my A65 bitsa - I used bars for late '60s Triumph twins (U.S.-type). Rise is five inches vs. eight for the stock U.S. BSA bars. They came 32 inches tip-to-tip; I cut an inch and a half off either end to make them 29 inches. I find these bars comfortable, and with adequate leverage.

Prior to that, I had the BSA "home market" (low) bars. With those, I was getting a stiff neck on the 15-mile trip to work on the interstate, from holding my head up. Also, I found it impossible to maneuver on rough terrain with the low bars.

Regarding length, someone here, I think it was Bonzo, said to get the right length, do a pushup, and measure the distance between your hands on the floor.
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