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Allan G, joe czech
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#836489 01/12/2021 7:53 PM
by Ragmanx
What's your opinion of these mufflers for my '68 A65L?
Any good?
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#836526 Jan 12th a 11:59 PM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
Too loud IMO. Fine for sporting around town, but annoying on sustained cruising.
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#836642 Jan 14th a 01:14 AM
by C.B.S
Yep look for Brituro as Allan suggests

I might be able to get some Brituro mufflers here in the states if you are interested

I have a pair on my A65, pretty nice mufflers but are not cheap ($)
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#837550 Jan 21st a 04:57 PM
by Gary E
Gary E
Originally Posted by Allan G
Its a little like comparing apples and pears i hate to say, as BSA did different levels of baffling whether it be a spitfire or anyother. I beleive the spitfire was less restrictive and probably more like the emgo. The T's and L's would have had more restrictive silencers but they would have met the MIRA testing needs and needed to have been quieter. (they probably also used them on spitfires for the test)

By some point in the 70's the noise regs got tougher and they started the first use of the megaphone silencer on the A65. prior to the OIF

BSA had three styles of mufflers. All three look the same on the exterior.

The Spitfire mufflers were straight thru inside with perforated tubing inside to hold the fiberglass packing in place. A broom handle can be pushed thru with no restriction. You can see thru with no restriction.

Another style was the interior with partial restriction. There were "V" shaped baffles alternating on each side of the interior partially blocking the flow of exhaust. A broom handle cannot be pushed thru. With a flashlight you can see thru with difficulty.

The other interior style muffler had baffles that on each side of the tubing that restricted flow even more. Cannot push a broom handle thru, and cannot see thru even with a flashlight.

At one time I tried to get photographs of the three interior styles, but the images never turned out usuable. Now with fiber optic cameras, like the what the doctor uses on me every three months, pushed up my nose and down my throat to the area near my voice box to check that the cancer they got rid of via chemo and radiation hasn't returned, interior images of the mufflers could be done. Probably a lot less uncomfortable process too.
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#838686 Jan 31st a 10:15 PM
by Ragmanx
Ok, Had a chance to install the mufflers from Feked on my "68 A65L.

They look real good and the tone is reserved.

Reminded me of the sound of the mufflers on a Lightening that was in the showroom of Cycle Fair dealership in Santa Paula, Calif. in 1968!

I am well pleased
Thanx to everyone the commented on this thread.

Steve G.
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#840861 Feb 23rd a 03:29 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
Received my feked silencers via DHL today. I won't know how they sound for a while because Betsy Bitsa (yes I finally gave in and named her) is down for a head gasket replacement, but I must say I'm very pleased with their appearance and apparent quality. I'm also very impressed with their packaging: Some sort of stiff paper wrap, then bubble wrap, then corrugated cardboard, then the outer box.
[Linked Image from]
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#840031 Feb 14th a 06:36 PM
by Ragmanx
Here's a pic of the Feked mufflers on my bike

.[Linked Image]
Attached Images
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