New Schrader Valve Inner Tube Nuts By CBS

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Over the years of being in business and around classic British motorcycles, I have seen all stages of restorations. Almost all "restorations" I have seen are missing this one vital piece

Today I would like to introduce to a new part that CBS has remanufactured right here in the USA called inner tube nuts. When you install a modern new inner tube, most come with a generic hex nut which is not correct - original English Dunlop, Bridgestone or even John Bull inner tubes came with a small inner tube nut that was very unique

We are selling the same classic inner tube nuts that were fitted to almost every classic Triumph, BSA, Norton and Matchless (and others) throughout the 1940's through the 1970's

Each nut has been machined and crafted here in the USA to exact standards designed to fit Schrader valve stems - we also cadmium each piece making them 100% correct for your restorations - sold in pairs which means(1) quantity will get you x2 nuts

Click the link below or image above to purchase your pair today: