Triumph Camshaft Bushing Reamer Kits by CBS

Classic British Spares is proud to announce our new camshaft bushing reamer tool kits for Triumph 350/500 (unit) and Triumph 650/750 (unit) twins

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A few months back we decided to take Triumph camshaft reamer pilots into our hands and had them manufactured to our own specifications. There are a few different variations on the market today that all do a good job

It's a simple task, bolt the cases together, ream, clean, and you're done. The reason for making our own kits was to offer a better quality tool at a better price

Every pilot and reamer kit that CBS sends out is thoroughly inspected to ensure that you are getting a quality tool that will provide quality results. Not to mention that we are proud to offer USA made parts, we also take pride that each pilot is honed and sized "in house" using a Sunnen MBB-1600 hone by Kyle at CBS

We aim to hone each pilot no more than .001" larger than the nominal size of the reamer shaft while ensuring that the pilot is straight, true, round and rigid. All these factors contribute to a straight and true configuration which is needed when line reaming

We stock camshaft reamer kits that will ream sintered bronze bushings for all Triumph unit twins and pre-unit twins should you be rebuilding a motor

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