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Allan G, drunkenmonkz, The Bonneville Shop
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#833047 12/12/2020 6:59 PM
by drunkenmonkz
Hi, does anyone have experience with megacycles 542x2 cam? I've got a number of 68-473 cams to pick from for my motor build but thinking about picking up one of these. What's the effective difference with this versus stock. What does "improved mid range" mean functionally wise?
I'm not looking for racey. A little more pep isn't bad but overall having a solid, daily around town with longer weekend trips is the goal. Being able to run at 70+ all day is more important to me than going fast from stop light to stop light.
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#833101 Dec 13th a 01:45 AM
by NickL
The standard 473 cam is adequate. It's quite a 'sporty' item anyway.
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#833050 Dec 12th a 07:23 PM
by Allan G
Allan G
They why bother changing from the stock cam?

If you want to try something, buy another camshaft pinion and broach several key ways in it. Then learn how to dial a cam in with a dial gauge and you’ll get pretty close to what the mega cycle cam is giving you. After all it is supposed to be identical to the original cam... just retarded a few degrees.

Ps. With the mega cycle cam you’ll also need to have your followers ground to 3/4” radius (stock is 1.25”)

I’m using the X12 cam... it’s ok but I’ve used other cams (less expensive) that pack more punch.
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#833136 Dec 13th a 01:17 PM
by pushrod tom
pushrod tom
I tend to agree with the above comments but to answer your question, I have some experience with the x-2 on my race bikes. First, I used standard tappets and if you are getting a new cam, have Mega reface them for you. At first, I made the mistake of setting the cam a couple of degrees retarded because 'that's what you do with the 473'. It sucked! Reset a couple of degrees advanced. Result, a small amount more power in mid and upper range. A couple of horses. They say stock springs are ok but if you are going to the trouble get new ones. Ed V. sells good springs that are not 'race springs'. Real 'race springs' require a lot of maintenance with valve lash. So, if you are building a street bike you don't 'need' a different cam but get new springs and set to spec and check to make sure cam is set to spec on all 4 lobes. However, if you want to make sure everything is tip-top then get the x-2, springs, etc. and then spend a few bucks on dyno time for a good tune. Hope this is helpful. PM if you want more info. PRT
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#833140 Dec 13th a 02:11 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
Since this is a discussion on A65 cams......My A10 Super Roocket has the stock 357 cam in very nice shape. I have read it's very similar to the A65 473 ?...I believe the stock intake lobe center for both these cams is 105 degrees? Do any of you think advancing the cam to about 100 degress would be better for a road bike? This engine has about 7.75 static compression...
I do have a lot of experience with Triumph cam timing changes so I might assume the A10 would be similar..
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