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Jim Hultman
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by jakejoseph
Hi Folks - busted off one of these in the fork leg today. It's a 5/16-26 and it's on a 1968 BSA fork leg, so I'd prefer to salvage the leg.

Would there be a problem, other for a subsequent owner, if I have to repair the threads, with using a 5/16-24 insert and an SAE fine bolt?
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by Mark Z
Mark Z
jj, It sounds like we're starting the discussion at step two; were you not able to get the remainder of the stud out of the fork leg? Did you drill it out already?

If you have to repair the thread in the fork leg, going with a different thread density will cross-thread and weaken the thread. Since it's only one of four studs doing the job, that could be acceptable, but tapping to the same thread density would be better.

You can get a 5/16" X 26 tpi tap from British Tools and Fasteners. Not a bad thing to have on hand anyway. I have taps and dies for 1/4" X 26 and 5/16" X 26 and have used them on multiple occasions.

BTW, British Tools and Fasteners can also supply a correct replacement stud and nut.
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by DMadigan
Another less invasive option is to use 8x1mm bolts. 25.4 TPI vs 26, 0.315" vs 0.3125". The slightly larger diameter will give more engagement to the fork leg.
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by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
This may be a good place to put in a plug for replacing those bolts with STUDS and lock nuts, as Triumph did after 1967.

With the studs, no matter how many times you remove the axle caps you won't wear out the threads in the fork sliders, and if you wear out the threads of the studs (after XXX-times of removing the caps) you just replace the studs with new ones and start over again.
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by BAinLA
"Whoops. My bad. It’s been a long week.

Now I have to figure out where I got the 8.3mm from and what it relates too... probably nothing bsa."

Could it be that one U.S pint of beer is egual to .83 UK pint and you had the decimal wrong. Maybe you drank 8.3 pints (U.K.) before posting?
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