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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by GrandPaul
...but still bike related. (a bit of a story)

It all started out as a "free to me" bike deal, which I've never passed up...

I was perusing the forums a couple of weeks ago while I sipped coffee and an e-mail alert popped up on my screen; it was a notification from our local CMA chapter that one of the members was giving away a rolling project bike because they were preparing to move to the coast. "First one to call, gets the bike". My phone was sitting right next to my laptop, and I was the first to call.

When I got there, I met George, an 88-year-old "old school" biker that once owned a customs & chrome shop in Santa Barbara, California, used to ride BSAs (we talked at length on that topic), and racked up a bunch (MANY thousands) of miles on his '02 Honda VTX1800 MotorTrike with his very young (she's only 63) wife.

Well, he recently bought a newer '03 model (same bike), and transferred the trike kit over to that bike. He placed the newer, lower miles rear end on the older bike, and loosely bolted on a few of the other parts to make it a nominal roller (he also removed and replaced the raked yokes that make the trike easier to steer).

So, it looked like this when I got it-

[Linked Image]

(actually, I mounted the handlebars on it so I could roll it into my trailer)

It's a real beast, 1800cc V-twin with 90+HP and 100 ft/lb of torque!

It also came with all of these parts that were supposed to produce a complete bike-

[Linked Image]

It turned out he was missing a complete set of foot boards and pedal controls, and the seats I was left with were old and re-worked in bodgerly fashion. Not to worry, I immediately found an online forum dedicated to the VTX and got the stuff I needed.

Since he wanted all the best stuff for his trike, and liked the deep valanced fenders from his old bike, I was left with the new shorty fenders in a different color. So, here it is, not yet running but very close. I figure maybe 2 or 3 days sorting out his jumble of wiring, he had extra tail lights, extra running lights, a half dozen horns, simple anti-theft hidden toggle switch, CB radio, and all manner of gee-gaws and farkles on it...

[Linked Image]

Liked Replies
by Hugh Jörgen
Hugh Jörgen
Bad luck.
Hope for a speedy recovery.
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by Ob1quixote
Ouch! Managed to total mine with only an extreme beating to show for it, very fortunate.

Get Well Soon!
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by DavidP
I've only ridden a trike around a campground once. I kept trying to lean and put my foot down. Had I gotten on the road I'm sure it wouldn't have turned out well.

So, your new best friend is only 200 miles away? I thought that was a daily commute in Texas. laughing
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by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Damn boys....GP and Ob. Sounds nasty especially those broken bones...ugh. Hope you mend quickly GP. I have to say though........neither of those rides were British so no real harm there?😂

GP...trikes put a whole new meaning to counter steering. Different beasts for sure and in a panic situation......without a lot of experience it can get ugly. Remind me to tell you my three wheeler story in Mississippi around the campfire some day.

Glad you both are still here to tell the tale.

Gordon in NC
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