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Allan G
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#827899 10/27/2020 1:26 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
In another thread it was mentioned that someone was selling NOS or good NOS replicas, and that they were thicker than some of the pattern parts and that the oil drain holes were smaller.

I've lost track of that thread, does anyone know who that was who was selling those head gaskets?
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#828139 Oct 29th a 09:19 AM
by gavin eisler
gavin eisler
A fly cutter is used on a milling machine , it is a single point cutter, and produces a fine or coarse finish depending on feed rate.
No fly cutter, then 100 grit will give a suitably ruff finish. if you lap on a flat surface be sure to use a figure of eight pattern ,if not it will end up curved not flat.This should be done in a Zen like manner, slow and calm.
its worth seeking out a friendly mill operator, not just for flattening , its the best way to spot face the fastener seats.

Yup re torquing is a PITA , sometimes I mark with paint, slacken then retorque , noting any movement. other times I have just gone over and nipped up to torque, on my bike usually the centre bolt takes a bit more, no way to get at the front two without moving the ex rocker spindle and push rods. Its a one time deal and well worth the bother IMO.
Most important is to sneak up on the torgue 5 fitpunds at a time on initial fitting.

One more important thing, do not assume the barrel top surface is dead flat,it often isnt. It can be lapped in the same way as the head. .
Barrel to head interface can be checked by bluing the head and shimmy ing against the barrel, sometimes its just one or two high spots around the fastener heads, these can be locally scraped.
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#828456 Oct 31st a 06:57 PM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
Originally Posted by Allan G
Originally Posted by Mark Z
Yes Allan, max is ten replies per PM. So if you don't mind I'll keep searching. There was that other reference from chaterlea25 to check out, and if I must resort to "ordinary" ones I can get them stateside in a few days.

Hmm, I have seven or eight cast-off head gaskets; I should measure them.

That’s no problem Mark, id have been happy to send you the 4 genuine ones I have had the others been correct, I could get away with 1 Of my originals being sent, that way you could have had a batch made from them. I wouldn’t have been happy sending these others off knowing they aren’t the real thing. I’m a bit peeved that the seller hasn’t responded to my email for the others purchased.

Ok Allan, I'll get back to you on that one gasket after checking out that other source.
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