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#819969 08/14/2020 8:20 PM
by Rocketman71
In 1990 my wife and I moved to California. As the time of the election in 1992 drew near, we had still not registered to vote. Finally, a few days before the registration deadline, I dropped the completed forms in the big blue mailbox. Remember when they were on every other corner? She registered as a Republican, I as a Democrat. My form arrived before the deadline, hers was too late. She didn't find that as amusing as I did.

A friend who lives in Maryland (where I am from) told me that in 2016, he went to vote in the Presidential election. He found the line at the local school where he votes was out the door and around the building. He was planning to vote for Donald Trump. He turned around and went home. He said, "Why should I wait a couple of hours in line to vote for someone that can't win anyway." I can't argue with that. I probably would have done the same thing. Where I live, you can vote early. I've never done it, but a neighbor does it every year. He says it's very easy. I think I will try it this year. Where I vote it usually isn't very busy, but you never know, this year may be different. I don't want to mask up and wait in line.

A couple of weeks ago I got an application to apply for an absentee ballot. The form was already filled out with my name and address. Even comes with a prepaid postage return envelope! I found it interesting, as I had never gotten this before, but I didn't think that much more about it. A couple of days ago , I mentioned it to my wife, and she said she didn't get one and wondered why. So I asked my neighbor if they got them. She said no. My wife, my neighbor, and her husband are all registered as Republicans. I am registered as an Independent. So my neighbor checked another neighbor who we are all certain is registered as a Democrat (we don't have to ask). She got one also. Small sample size, but interesting. There is a letter with it from the Center for Voter Information. At the bottom it says, "This mailing has been paid for by the Center for Voter Information(CVI). CVI is a non-government, nonprofit, 501(c)(4) organization. CVI is not affiliated with state or local election officials." I wonder if they have my Social Security number also. They didn't fill that in on the form.

The Independent Observer
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#820087 Aug 15th a 03:47 PM
by DavidP
Originally Posted by George Kaplan
From my casual observations of the USA it seems that it is seen as corrupt and fraudulent.


It's only seen as corrupt by those who use the privilege but seek to deny it to others.
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#821784 Aug 30th a 12:27 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by Villiers
It's quite an education reading the above. I never quite appreciated how much your politicians had got you tied up and packaged nor how you can be so casual in throwing away your vote. It's the only shot in your locker. It's only effective if you use it.

Best of luck anyway.

All true. Nothing new, though ... as mentioned before, New York was run by Tammany Hall for years, the Daleys ran the Chicago Machine for decades, the Byrds dominated Virginia through all the first half of the 20th century, the Longs ran Louisiana for generations, and Herman Talmadge declared himself the hereditary heir of his daddy Eugene's governor's chair and got the Georgia State Police to back him up back in the 50's.

We chuckle about the Brits and their Royal Family ... but in Massachusetts, if your name is Kennedy, you can be drunk, drugged, and diseased from one year's end to the next and still get elected to office. We love "Dynasties" as much as Uganda, Zimbabwe, or anywhere else - Bushes, Clintons, Bayhs, Gores; if you have the right daddy, you're in like Flynn.

Kind of pathetic, really.

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#821700 Aug 29th a 09:06 PM
by kevin
Originally Posted by Dick Page
I have voted in virtually every election I have ever been eligible to.

i didn't vote between 1992 and now because i was disillusioned about the process could fix. now that i see what the process can bring onto us, i will vote this time around.

in my opinion, my country has important foundational principles. i want to see attention to them restored.
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#821714 Aug 29th a 10:39 PM
by kevin
the speakr of the house in ohio has been indicted on a 60 million dollar bribrry scam. hes out on bail

he is on the ballot in his district this november, running unopposed.

it costs 80 bucks and 50 signatures to run for office in ohio. nobody bothered to run against him because his reelection was a sure thing
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#821707 Aug 29th a 10:08 PM
by Irish Swede
Irish Swede
I became old enough to vote in 1967.
I have never missed an election since.
I prefer to vote in person.

As a precinct committeeman for 12 years I have seen a lot of politics from "inside," and it can be ugly.
It's amazing how many candidates are able to fool the voters.

Our former governor, Bruce Rauner, masqueraded as a "Republican," but careful research revealed he had voted for the other party in every election while living in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately by the time this was discovered he had already been elected Governor of Illinois.
But only ONCE, not twice.
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#821717 Aug 29th a 10:54 PM
by Jon W. Whitley
Jon W. Whitley
Originally Posted by kevin
the speakr of the house in ohio has been indicted on a 60 million dollar bribrry scam. hes out on bail

he is on the ballot in his district this november, running unopposed.

it costs 80 bucks and 50 signatures to run for office in ohio. nobody bothered to run against him because his reelection was a sure thing

This kind of news is sickening. Of course, innocent until proven guilty but if they are guilty, then fry their azzzzzez. I don't care what party they are in (or what party they claimed to be in so that they gained a position of power).
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#821763 Aug 30th a 06:30 AM
by DavidP
I'll never figure out why convicted felons can't vote, BUT they can get elected. crazy
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#820038 Aug 15th a 07:32 AM
by Dibnah
It's bizarre that there are different procedures in different geographical areas of the same country Although not as bizarre as the "rotten boroughs" of Olde England e.g. Old Sarum:

Old Sarum, in Wiltshire, is one of the most famous examples of a “rotten borough”, where a constituency with a tiny (or, in this case, non-existent) population was still able to elect MPs.

The abandoned medieval village technically had 11 voters, but none of them actually lived there – its only real inhabitants were a few sheep. Nevertheless, Old Sarum had two seats in parliament from 1708 to 1832.

It was so valuable as a political opportunity that despite the land only being worth £700 in agricultural terms, it sold for £60,000, which is equivalent to tens of millions today.
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