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Beach, ChiefRider, Gordon Gray, Jon W. Whitley
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by ChiefRider
Not sure what the actual name for these is, but I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

Just mounted a new K70 and tube. Really took my time to ensure no kinks in the tube, and that the cleats were free to move, ensuring the tube was above the cleat, cleat above the bead.

Once the tire was mounted, one of the cleats continues to move quite freely, the other will push freely up into the tube, but does not seem to descend sufficiently into the tire bead, concerning me the tube may be trapped in between somewhere. Valve is removed from tube, and I have added air with the cleat in question pushed nearly fully in- seems like the tube would find its way out with that degree of freedom, but it still does not want to seat as does the other cleat.

I guess I am just hoping for you to tell me I don't need to open it back up! My tire levers are just a bit too short to make this job enjoyable!
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by leon bee
leon bee
Practice makes those tires easier, Chief. Really make sure you've got the bead sunk into the dropped center opposite of where you are levering. And shoot WD40 all around the rim, a dollar's worth if you have to.

I started blowing off those rim locks years ago, never a problem whatsoever. I put carriage bolts in to fake the correct look.
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by Gordo in Comox
Gordo in Comox
It could be that the tire bead is not fully seated out to the rim lip at that point or the rim lock is slightly rotated sideways. Can you rotate the lock by twisting on the exposed bolt?

Sometimes the tire looks to fully out to the rim but it is actually still partly in the nipple recess area. If you spin the wheel you will normally see the issue if the wheel in not actually centered in the tire. It is the reverse of where you break the bead and push the tire into the nipple recess for you can lift it over the rim on the other side.

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by John Healy
John Healy
They are not anti-rotational cleats. They are there to retain the tire on the rim in case of rapid deflation - You know, blow out. Over the years I have had more than my fair share of cases where the rear tire suffered from rapid deflation. In a couple of cases the tire left the rim.

The one I remember the most we were on a Harley KH model. It had neither a safety rim or rim locks. It blew on mile 13 of the Main Turnpike. We were two up with a first time passenger. All she remembered was some one telling her, " in all cases stay behind the driver". The bike at first swapped ends enough times to get her attention. When the side to side s**t stopped it was bare steel on asphalt. The tire was wrapped up in the swing arm and fender. Her motorcycle days were over, which she reminded me in various ways. As I remember there were some after the fact bruises involved as we pulled the tire free and pushed the bike to the toll booth. That certainly ended that relationship. It was obvious she wasn't a good sport!
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by John Healy
John Healy
Worst I’ve had is a back wheel lock up on the motorway

Had that happen on an Interstate 40 coming out of Knoxville Tennessee. Drive shaft broke on a Gold Wing.
It was in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic going at least 70mph. Traveling in passing lane armco barrier on my left and no break down lane on right.

Made a Boston lane change by diving, sliding slightly sideways, between two tailgating cars on my right to the last few feet of a oncoming ramp almost being pushed back into traffic. Wife said that was exciting - she's a keeper.

Got to rally and mentioned my experience and and several Gold Wing owners asked, "Only your first?"
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by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Yes sir Chief......I do believe we’ve all been there at one time or another. I change my own tires but I have a LOT of spare tubes. I’ll go through several tire/tube changes without a problem........just when I start thinking I’m getting good enough at it I won’t pinch a tube..........reality slaps me in the face.

It can be frustrating for sure.

Thank you for understanding and good luck with your projects.

Gordon in NC
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by Lannis
Originally Posted by Gordon Gray
“Well, I went back through 3 years of JH's posts........”.

Lannis, you and I don’t agree........nothing new there.

Actually, we DO agree. It's not a "fight" about the efficacy of rim locks. You use rim locks religiously on your British rims for reasons of safety and security, and I agree that you ought to do that. No argument there.

I'm trying to figure out the basis for the safety and security, and it's not really you (I suppose) that I'm asking - it's the crew as a whole, or anyone who's reading. The question was that IF they're good things, why they're not generally used. I still think it's a good question, and I've never seen an answer.

That's OK, no one has to answer it. But not every thread has to end with a hug. It can end with a "Hmmmm....." and that's still good!

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