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#817434 07/25/2020 5:14 PM
by BAinLA
Hi there. New member here. I just came across a 1972 Triumph Tiger that has been sitting for at least 24 years and possibly much longer. I bought it because I've been kicking myself for years for selling my '69 Bonnie. Anyway, it was,unfortunately, stored outdoors. I will need some advice on how to proceed. I know this because the first thing I did was to try to remove a spark plug. It was stuck really good and when I finally got it to move a little, I perceived that I might be stripping out the threads in the head. Duhhh. Now I am soaking them with WD-40 and will go get a proper penetrating oil today to soak them with. I might heat up the head a little before any future attempts. The point is that I don't want to do any more harm to this bike and if there are any pointers or general advice for proceeding with such a project, I'd greatly appreciate hearing these.
Bike came with original receipt ($1400), owner's manual, Replacement Parts Catalog, all history and documentation, full set of Whitworth tools and lots of other stuff. It kicks over fine and everything is there, just crusty and rusty.
I'll try to post some pictures if the site allows this. Much Thanks!~ BA
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#820746 Aug 21st a 10:42 AM
by RF Whatley
RF Whatley
Slow and steady.

ALWAYS apply some form of lubrication (Never-Sieze, 20W50, chassis grease, what ever!) to spark plug threads before installing a spark plug. Even if you just took that plug out of that hole.
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#819604 Aug 11th a 01:34 PM
by Allan G
Allan G
Originally Posted by BAinLA
[Linked Image from]

If you can get the switch back to this state of strip down, clean both these parts with iso-propanol alcohol or similar and leave to dry (don’t use acetone) get some epoxy resin, Haroldite works well and cover the board with the resin, fill all the little gaps in the track.

Then once it’s dried sand the contact face back until the terminals are shiny bright. Then rebuild the switch.

Because the contact plate isn’t jumping between the pins the whole switch will last much longer. I did this with mine on a new switch, it’s also less clunky now because of it.
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#821055 Aug 25th a 12:55 AM
by BAinLA
Got it squared away and it started 2nd kick! I was really shocked and the throttle was stuck a little too high because I need to lube the cable a bit more than I have already.

[Linked Image from]
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