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by ChiefRider
Work is continuing on bringing my 1970 Lightning out of its' 42 year hibernation. As I disassemble everything (working on the rear of the machine, I am cleaning thoroughly and polishing everything, being sympathetic to the patina of a 50 year old original machine. She is certainly looking much better, and helps to motivate me on. Anyway, the questions at hand-

The brake cam lever on the rear drum is positioned Up at a 2 o'clock position instead of down as most I have seen in pics, my '68 Thunderbolt as well. Is there a preferred position? While this would move the shoe cam in the opposite direction, it would simply shift the leading shoe from one to the other. Any reason for me to change it back?

Also, any tips on removing the brake springs? I have always used Vise-grips and a screw driver to pry them away, but these buggers are tough!

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by Allan G
Allan G
In the start of the 70 production bsa fitted a shorter torque stay and mounted the arm the other way up to give a more effective break, sadly the short arm had a tendency for whipping up (presumably moving the wheel back also???) and causing the brake to lock on. They reverted Back to the earlier style with the longer torque stay and down mounted lever.

If you wanted to get fancy you could change the internals, fit an oif cam, match it with the arm and have a fully floating SLS rear brake which will be much better than the pre oif models yet looking almost exactly the same.

With this some levers and cams are for downward use and some upward, notified by a square section for downward arms and square with rounded at 2 sides for upward arms. This replaces the spline on earlier pre oif models.
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by Ignoramus
if you have the one with the leaver arm facing upwards and the shorter torque arm Allan is talking about BSA actuality put out a service sheet (recall notice ) about that ie changing it to downwards arm and longer strap ( i cant find it atm but its a fact, will try to find the service sheet number latter)

you dont have to change the cams , but you DO have to change the external return spring to the standard one
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by AML
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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