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Gordon Gray, Hugh Jörgen, jimmymckenna, Noe
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#814734 07/01/2020 9:55 PM
by HawaiianTiger
I've been giving this a lot of thought lately. I can no longer abide some individual I don't know, in some other country telling me what a what I cannot say here, or anywhere else for that matter.
As a matter of my personal principles, directly relating to our country's constitution, by way of protest, I will no longer be visiting this site.
Truth be told, this forum needs me a lot more than I need it, so their loss. I can go elsewhere and say whatever it is that's on my mind.
Any red blooded American is compelled to do the same.
Imagine that someone in your presence was telling you what you could or could not say. I'm guessing you'd be pissed off. In my case that someone just might earn a bloody nose for their efforts. Even though I put behind be physical confrontations 40 years ago, that might just be enough to set me off.
This post will be deleted as soon as it is detected.
I will likely be banned from this site.
Too late. I'm done
You can kiss my little pink Irish ass, Morgan.
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#814747 Jul 1st a 11:12 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
This problem occurs on many websites. A person or persons owns the site and sets up rules of conduct. Some feel it's an invasion of their personal rights that the owner may limit what they say..However there are internet sites that have no censorship, this isn't one them. If Bill is uncomfortable with this then he needs to move on despite his knowledge of old Brit bikes.
....Want to see wide open bike forums? Go to the huge AD Rider website, sign up and visit Yo Momma forum and it's sub forum, Church, State and Money....come back and say if you want that here....
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#814805 Jul 2nd a 04:40 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Originally Posted by Tridentman
As long as those do not go as far as threats of physical violence or too many swear words--that is fine.> snip

I got no dog in this fight. I don’t care much for Triumphs but have followed HT for other reasons ( something he posted years ago about his past life rung a bell with me, in a good way) so I’ve pretty much read everything he’s posted. I quit posting for a few years because of a tiff I had but never quit visiting.

I can’t remember how many times when I was a moderator that I had to remind folks that they agreed to the rules. Tridentman you need to remember there ARE a few topics that are against the rules. The PUB is not a free for all. Politics is one of them.....Webster defines that as anything to do with government. Any government.

Bill.....a mans gota do what he has to to live in his own skin, but I can tell you this with 100% certainty that Morgan might have had the last word and did the deed but he’s not to blame. You need different lips on that little ass, Morgan’s just trying to keep the peace.

You will be missed. But I bet if we look hard enough ( and you give us a hint) we might be able to find you somewhere else

Take care, stay safe and healthy. Gordon Gray
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#814914 Jul 3rd a 07:48 PM
by Tridentman
Gordon—- thanks for the advice— appreciated.
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#815215 Jul 6th a 04:45 AM
by Oil Changer
Oil Changer
Originally Posted by HawaiianTiger
Truth be told, this forum needs me a lot more than I need it, so their loss. I can go elsewhere and say whatever it is that's on my mind.
Hi Bill, while this statement may be true, you cannot disagree that you don't find interest or humor from my posts relating to pre unit Triumph. I, for one, will be terribly disappointed from this decision. I don't visit the other sections in this forum, (subjects other than Triumph, I go elsewhere). The sad thing in these recent times is that there seems to be no escape from current politics in every aspect in our lives. Whether it be sports, humor, radio, TV, etc... current events have infiltrated ALL of our "escapes". I am saddened that even our love of Triumph motorcycles and it's wonderful history can also be "marred" by the [***]. If you indeed walk away from this Triumph forum, please give me your personal e-mail address so that I can torture you with my pre unit troubles when needed, otherwise, start your own forum and I will join it. I have always appreciated your education, experience, candor and wonderful encouragement in your posts. I am alll about "rules are made to broken", until it effects me or I get thrown in jail. Rules are Rules and necessary for all, like you, I move on if I can't live with them.
You helped me build this award winning bike.
[Linked Image from]
Best of Show, Best in Class, 2019 Triumph National Rally, Miss May in the ACE 2020 Calendar. and I am nobody but a guy with ocd and a father that gave me a memory of riding a Triumph in the early 60's.
[Linked Image from]

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#814800 Jul 2nd a 02:54 PM
by John Healy
John Healy
It was I who brought this to the attention of other moderators.

I was also one of the moderators that encouraged Morgan to have the members agree to the terms of use of the forum.

When I came on board as a moderator some 15 years ago this site was the "wild west". It was a mess. To be fair to all, the first thing Morgan had to do to clean up the site was to establish a set of rules that members would have to agree to before becoming a member. It didn't take long before the site returned to the reason Morgan started it in the first place. A place to discuss topics about motorcycles, especially British motorcycles. It was NOT conceived as a place to discuss politics, and things like the pandemic, and the discussion around it. It has become politically charged.

Yes, the good Dr. posted a chart that that related to his ability to travel. It was nonpolitcal, just the reality of his situation. This became sudo "license" to start to take over the thread. Magneto man objected:

"NYBSAGUY and I co-curated the award-winning, record-breaking 'The Art of the Motorcycle, at the Guggenheim, seen by over 2M people with over 250k copies of the catalog sold. Now NYBSAGUY and I have created an entirely new motorcycle exhibition for the post-Covid world and are finishing our work on its catalog(ue). By some fluke he and I are both on Britbike so whatever either of us posts in this thread is a preview to what I think will be a pretty interesting and unique motorcycle exhibition. I know that this "insider" information from the two of us is of interest to some people.

Unfortunately, I assume that if recent off-topic posts continue it will drive away people interested in reading about the exhibition, making it pointless for either NYBSAGUY or I to continue posting here. So, please take your off-topic posts somewhere else because you're about to kill any interest I have in making future posts about the exhibition to this thread. I've already asked this twice before."

If you want to place blame anywhere it doesn't all fall on Morgan. I don't think most of us don't want BritBike to fall back on how I found it 15 years ago. Morgan did provide a place for free, CIVIL discussions about controversial topics: Rod and Tappet. I think Magnetoman, and a lot of us, would like to see it stay there. There are plenty of sites where you can air your opinions freely.
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