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by Mal Marsden - 06/16/22 7:00 pm
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#812842 06/16/2020 11:55 PM
by tridentt150v
Thought I'd start a thread called WRGMG [What Really Grinds My Gears]...its a thread where you can tell everyone a pet hate or a stupid act or item that has never been addressed even though everyone knows about it. Its not a thread for political views, religion or other such topics, although there could be some instances. Mods...I hope this doesn't go off the rails or or contravenes any Forum rules.

I'll start, set the scene a bit.

WRGMG - the government sponsoring and throwing money at Olympic athletes. They waste millions of taxpayer $$$ so that some meathead can stand on a podium with a gong around his/her neck. This benefits cures nothing, no pothole is repaired, mental illness, cancer, and a myriad of other worthy causes are ignored or downfunded for the sake of a an elitist few.
Note that I am not against sports that are ostensibly self funded or that bring economic return, football, golf, tennis, basketball baseball, cricket etc are fine by me.
Liked Replies
#813578 Jun 22nd a 06:00 PM
by MikeG
I can't believe that after all this discussion about What Grinds My Gears no one has mentioned the most obvious...sticky clutch plates.
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#814206 Jun 27th a 04:42 PM
by ricochetrider
Ok in no particular order, here are a few things that are mildly annoying, more like pet peeves that rear their heads periodically.

1: hateful people

2: prisons for profit- for that matter, anything and anyone who profits off someone else's bad luck or misfortune

3: the water company, IE "privatized", formerly publicly operating & funded systems. "Parking Authorities" are another excellent example of bad stuff happening when some private, for profit company takes over a given "thing". I'm not against profiteering nor am I against private operations. Some things are better off left as they were. There should not be any profit in supplying water to a population.

4: the devaluation of expertise and education

5: people pretending to be something or somebody they're not

6: laziness


7: the [email protected] system we have of recycling in the U.S. that mostly recycles stuff by sending it to other countries and/or dumping stuff in the ocean. Most of the other things I listed only bother me at certain times but I am continually reminded of, and annoyed by how weak the U.S. system of recycling (and so called "waste management" in general) really is here.
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#814815 Jul 2nd a 07:37 PM
by quinten
a guy with a shed could use something decidedly more low-tech
for power
Like an old Lister .

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#812860 Jun 17th a 01:48 AM
by kevin
i used to hate those things too, but i found a technique that gets them in in about one minute per side.

put the springy ring in first. without the upper and lower rings it goes in square with no difficulty.

then gently screw the lower ring on, a bit at a time so you don't bend it. it will drop into place with no drama. then do the top one the same way.

this is vastly easier than anything i ever tried before.
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#812897 Jun 17th a 09:51 AM
by Dibnah
Other people.

Is that the correct answer?
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#812903 Jun 17th a 11:58 AM
by henryanthony
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#812959 Jun 17th a 09:23 PM
by kevin
no issues so far

all four just weaned so theyre pretty young
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#813137 Jun 19th a 12:27 PM
by Steve Erickson
Steve Erickson
Veggie burgers taste like crap?

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#813248 Jun 20th a 06:43 AM
by Dibnah
I generally choose not to visit shops, but I make an exception for this butchers

[Linked Image from]

Yum, yum, yum.
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#813162 Jun 19th a 04:20 PM
by Lannis
Originally Posted by reverb
Hi Lannis; many do not like to kill animals (or have a cattle to then kill them to eat). That is the perverse thing for them.

No, I have no problem with someone who doesn't like the thought of eating animal meat, or of killing an animal, or for some reason believes that it's unhealthy to eat meat. We all make those kind of choices every day.

My question is why do the same people then make up things to eat that SIMULATE eating meat, like "veggie burgers" and other plant products processed to LOOK and TASTE like meat?

I'm just trying to learn something new about why people do things that I don't understand, or that seem inconsistent. I mean, I would be appalled at the thought of eating animal manure. So would I process beef and barley and food colorings to make a "Cow Flop Patty"? Uh, no. So why would a person who is appalled at the thought of killing animals buy products that make it LOOK and TASTE like he is eating the results of killing an animal?

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#813895 Jun 25th a 07:20 AM
by BeezaBryan
Though mostly 900W our microwave is 1000W
And as for why our half size refrigerators (compared with US) is because we do not drink beer that has to be chilled to disguise the taste laughing
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#813852 Jun 24th a 09:07 PM
by kevin
there is no way that could be worse than the real thing.
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#814048 Jun 26th a 09:21 AM
by R Moulding
R Moulding
WRGMG, Mankind's ability to intentionally remain ignorant on a subject whilst expressing an opinion based on myth and social media posts.
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#814096 Jun 26th a 06:19 PM
by kevin
i have no problem judging andrew jackson any more than i have judging josef stalin or pol pot. i have a personal stake in the izsue.

andrew jackson made two my anceztors walk from georgia to oklahoma before the age of three while their families died in the snow and the looters took over thir farms and livestock.

the best revenge possible waz when sherman marched to the zea twenty five years later and burned the looters out.

i frequently add my opinion in permanent ink to twenty dollar bills with andrew jackzoz picture on them az they pasz through my hands.
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#814540 Jun 30th a 11:54 AM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
A ditch witch through rock, not really. Minimum depth for direct burial cable is 24 inches from finish grade to the top of the conductors ,otherwords a 30 inch deep trench...Considing the rock foundation, local code enforcement should allow a more shallow trench if the conductors are in conduit. PVC conduit may not be legal for a shallow trench unless encased in concrete. Heavy wall steel pipe will raise cost quite a bit. This is why I suggested to find a go getter electrical contractor.
This is the type of work I went after , if I was not retired and the job was regional, I would be on in NY minute...
Solar ,,wind power and some sort of storage batteries sounds good on paper...I'm guessing Paul is old enough that the payback from a $30,000 alternative power source won't be worth it. Using a welder, air compressor etc requires high on demand power sources...
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