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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#810121 05/24/2020 4:18 PM
by Idaho desert rat
Idaho desert rat
New member here and just starting a tribute bike to my dad who raced desert district 37(Southern Califonia) in back in the 60s and 70s. Not going to hack up a classic, starting with a bare 67 tr frame that looks like a old chopper frame.I want to keep it looking like it is a race prepped bike from back 1963.
So i have been looking around at what parts to find to piece this together and was looking for some help with what works and what won't.
Looking for engine options and was wondering if a 10 bolt 650 lower end is compatible (with out machine work) with any 650 unit top end (barrels and all) Since I dont care about what year vin # I have It would make sourcing the engine cheaper and easier to find and I plan on rebuilding anyway.
I also am looking for info on what BSA fork clamps they used back then. looking at old pictures it looks like the 54 to 63 A7/A10 and I think looking at bearings for stem it would work. Thanks in advance and I will try not to ask too many dumb questions.
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#811033 Jun 1st a 10:51 AM
by Mike Baker
Mike Baker
Can't use a 650 top on a 750 bottom without a lot of work. Get a 750 top if you've already got a 750 bottom.
Look for a European front brake to make an easy fit to the betor forks. Metric axles..... I found a 19" Aermacchi wheel with 2 leading shoe brake for not much money. Made a couple spacers and done.
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#819359 Aug 9th a 02:24 PM
by Idaho desert rat
Idaho desert rat
Well I have been neglecting my post,new to this whole forum thing so sorry for dropping the ball.I have been collecting a lot of parts.I have pieced a 65/650 case and most everything to rebuild. Got the Bator forks mounted up using the harley to triumph neck bearings machining bator stem down .005.
Ended up getting a 500 front wheel with 7 inch brake (I may still put early wheel and brake on if I can find one cheap enough) and using Bator 15mm axle I found sealed bearings that are same od as the hub and 15mm id and had some spacers made(guy on ebay for cheap). Scored a NOS wassell rear fender and have been doing my best to reproduce a bates seat pan since they are either hard to find or to much money.
Does anybody know how they used to raise subframe for tire clearance? I asssume they heated rear hoop and bent up but cant tell looking at pictures.
I cant get pictures of bike to load right now(bad internet) but its starting to look like a bike!
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