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Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin
New Brunswick, Canada.
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David in Atlanta, Gordon Gray, Howard Inough, Morgan aka admin
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#802025 03/20/2020 1:00 PM
by bill50cal
so far with it 7 weeks out it is still on. stay safe and use plenty of sanitizer..
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#809219 May 17th a 07:09 PM
by BeezaBryan
Your encounters are not the sort of thing I like to hear about as we have had very near misses with both beast & bird during trips in your country.

Just glad Dick that you seem to be reasonably OK.
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#807283 Apr 30th a 03:14 PM
by Semper Gumby
Semper Gumby
Also coming up. Don't know. I may actually trailer this time and bring two or three. Sleep on cot.

3 State at Windy's
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#807203 Apr 29th a 08:57 PM
by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
My supervisor has allowed me to come on up. I'll be bringing my new to me 73 Triumph Tiger.

Should be there Thursday mid morning.

Look forward to seeing everyone!
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#809217 May 17th a 06:54 PM
by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
Glad you are ok Dick.

Great time seeing everyone.

Thank you Windy for a perfect long weekend!
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#809369 May 18th a 10:04 PM
by bill50cal
well it looks like it was a success despite all the inconveniences that had to be overcome. the route was figured out a week and a half before the ride with a test run a few days later. the BBQ was a no brainier, after all the Q is also a tradition. some things that was missing was the picking, fog on the parkway, rain on the parkway during the LONG drone back. on a good note we had a campfire every night, great time with the story swapping and seeing some of the gang. I just want to thank everyone that took the time to come out during these times we are in.

PS it looks like all made back home safe and sound.
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#809321 May 18th a 04:55 PM
by MikeG
And another fine time I MISSED thanks to my employer. That old David Allen Coe song keeps getting louder and louder in my head.....
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#809493 May 19th a 06:20 PM
by Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray
Steve, I need to ask our core group for input (late summer?) and I'm working with our good friends up north to come up with a date. When we have that nailed down I'll start a new thread something along the lines of " Reunion Camp".

I'm not good at mailing lists but you know me.......I can tear up a message board. I'll try to get it started ASAP ( come in GACracker)

TWO WHEELS ONLY SUCHES........late summer. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.........especially those of you who haven't had a chance to join in before (RAF....that means you bud)

I don't need to tell some of you but this is exactly how some of these long term friendships got started.

I PROMISE to be on my best behavior and will TRY to NOT repeat the SAME OLD campfire stories I've bored you with for years. (Bless you all for putting up with them)

Details to follow.

Hope to see ya this summer.........your friend in NC, USA Gordon Gray
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#809495 May 19th a 06:34 PM
by No Name Man
No Name Man
Gordon...pretty sure I would enjoy that.
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#809549 May 20th a 02:04 AM
by Ob1quixote
TWO is a worthy spot! Been there a few times, riding or observing the True Grits 50cc ride.
I'll be there if I can!

[Linked Image from]
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#809621 May 20th a 03:29 PM
by bill50cal
dick the bike is surly fixable. did you go see a Dr and get checked? you should not fool around with a deep bruise.
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#810348 May 26th a 02:16 PM
by Howard Inough
Howard Inough
Originally Posted by Richrd
Flip phones rules!
Flip phones, with the pimple on key 5, allowed eyes off responses, much safer than current touch screens.
But, for finding a rental bike (McCallums) in Northern Ireland, 15 minutes after Tom buzz sawed his crankcase in half with a conrod, nothin beets a smartie.
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#810617 May 28th a 12:35 PM
by MikeG
Not only am I a dedicated flip phone user, I keep it turned off till I need it to make a call or if I know someone is going to call me. Less distractions in life that way.
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#810718 May 29th a 11:32 AM
by Richrd
Mikey, the idea here is not to need to send you a PM to turn your phone on before we call. It will tell you when SHE s calling so you can pretend not to hear it.
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