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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#788810 11/01/2019 6:26 PM
by GLJ
Hello All
New guy here. I'm starting to resurrect my Hurricane. I bought it around 1983 give or take a year. Rode it some for a few years and then it got parked. Life/work got in the way. I've decided to get it running again. I'm sure I'll have some question as I go along.
Please note this is a resurrection not a restoration. I want it looking nice but showroom condition is not what I am after. Then again I'm not going to harm it to where someone couldn't do that after the key is pried out of my cold dead hand.
Thanks in advance for any help I may get from this forum.
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#805559 Apr 16th a 01:37 PM
by Dick Page
Dick Page
So now you understand how much more difficult it would be to install the cylinder block on the crankcase with the engine in the frame. I have a set of ring compressors which are designed specifically for these engines. I am not sure how it would be done without them, but I would like to watch someone try!
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#805704 Apr 17th a 07:04 PM
by Andy Higham
Andy Higham
If you want the X75 to be a user rather than a show pony, consider storing the exhaust system somewhere save and fit a 3-1 system.
The standard down pipes dig into the road at very modest lean angles and lift the back wheel causing a "brown alert"
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#833003 Dec 12th a 01:41 AM
by Tridentman
GLJ----ref fitting chokes---I agree with the reason you took them off many years ago.
The friction on the choke lever is OK for a twin with standard strength choke springs but three standard strength choke springs are too much for it
As I said in my post of yesterday:

"Also--if you are fitting chokes then I recommend that you fit the weaker choke springs available on E Bay from Double Diamond in UK.
I find with the standard choke springs that it is a knife edge balance between on the one hand having a choke lever that you can turn and on the other hand having a situation where the choke lever turns of its own accord and lowers the choke slides when you dont want them to be lowered"

The weaker strength choke springs available are about 2/3rds of the strength of a standard spring---so 3 of these weaker springs are about equivalent to two standard springs (as on a twin).

IMHO You can usually start a triple just by tickling but if you don't need chokes for the first 2 or 3 miles then your carburation is set too rich.
If your carburation is correct then you start with ticklers and full choke and the progressively ease off the chokes after the first couple or so miles--dependent on ambient temperature and how energetic your right hand is.
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#832999 Dec 12th a 01:27 AM
by DavidP
Originally Posted by GLJ
He mentioned he was in the middle of restoring a 1906 Triumph that had gas lights. I knew some of the old cars used them didn't know they had them on bikes.
Maybe they should've stuck with them. Aren't electric headlights where Joe Lucas got his start? laughing

Originally Posted by Adam M.
David, could it be a reason your Trident in 74 was set up too rich and you simply didn't know it?
Mine without chokes doesn't want to climb above 35 hundred revs for first 10 min of the ride.
Could be, I never took the time to fine tune the idle mixture. I just tickled the carbs, usually just the outer two, turned the idle bolt in about 1/4 turn and it started. Turn the idle down as the engine warms. My current '72 would start in the same manner. I only put chokes on it once I installed the new Premiers. Either way, I tend to spend at least five minutes letting the engine warm before starting off.
Maybe it's the temperature? It does tend to be a bit warm here in Tennessee. laugh
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#833098 Dec 13th a 12:11 AM
by Markie
I thought it was a elegant solution and bought one. I still only have a pile of parts in the garage, so can't comment on it's performance. My tri-spark ignition came with a warning about the podtronics rectifier/regulator as introducing too much electrical noise in the power supply, but hopefully this won't.
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