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Bruce Martin
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BeezaBryan, David in Atlanta, Gordon Gray, GrandPaul, HughdeMann, robcurrie
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#455024 09/20/2012 12:48 AM
by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
A dear friend of mine has a 16 year old daughter who recently has had two surgeries for a brain tumor.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the parents, as their daughter’s recovery has had moments of optimism and moments of sheer terror. It is a day to day struggle.

I have a 17 year old daughter myself; I can only imagine what these people are going through every waking moment.

Anna’s favorite color is purple, and people have started to send her pictures of purple things.

Being an honorary brit biker , I have a favor to ask.

Could you please put on a purple shirt or hat, park in front of a purple sign, or something purple with your british bike and post a picture in this thread? Maybe post a note of encouragement for Anna?

I will collect them periodically and send to Anna’s folks.
It would be a nice surprise for Anna’s family to see some of my purple britbiker friends. I can assure you they won’t be expecting pictures of old dudes on brit bikes!

Here is Anna, isn't she beautiful?

[Linked Image]

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

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by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
A poignant video of Melissa interviewing Anna.

Two very brave women.

It is an honor and privelege to know them.

God Bless Anna Mott
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by Gary Walentoski
Gary Walentoski
Just sent in $105 by PayPal.

God Bless Anna and Happy New Year to y'all!
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by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
I started this thread back in 2012, shortly after Anna's illness.

One guy, Ob1Quixote (Robert), was one of the first to respond to this post (number 11 to be exact).

He used to frequently post on Anna's carepage when she was in the hospital, sending notes of encouragement.

Robert created the "Miss Anna" gas tank.

When Taylor Swift met Anna, Robert recreated the photo with a textured piece of artwork.

Robert drove from Charleston, South Carolina to Atlanta to participate in a charity run with Anna.

He has supported Anna from day 1 not only with his financial support, but more importantly his time.

Right now, he could use a hand from us.

Robert is battling cancer now, and will be undergoing surgery this week.

From Melissa-

"It's a very rare and beautiful thing when you get to take the love you've been given from someone and are able to give it back to them in return.

We Motts have had a LONG, HARD 9 years and I've told you all before, but man, mannnnnnnnnnnn, the support, love and encouragement you all have given us has seriously carried us.

I believe there are certain "divine appointments" in life. People you are SUPPOSED to meet or know.

You all and Robert Wilcox are on my list. At the tippy top.

Once you've dealt with cancer in your family, or yourself, you are a changed person. And you realize an island you are not.

You all have helped me learn to receive (which I told Robert, is WAYYYYY yonder harder than giving!). I learned it and embraced it and learned from it...and now it's my total honor to get to give just a smidgen of that love back.

We Motts started a Gofundme for Robert.

It would mean the world if you could click on the link, read through, offer him words of support, and if you could give, then share the fundraiser on your Facebook and to your friends and family. He needs us and you all taught me and mine how to be there for folks. I am forever grateful.

And don't forget to pray too! Anna Mott has been ON it.

Melissa Mott
Miss Anna's Handler, Personal Slave, and Chickfila Fetcher"

Here's the link-

Help a Britbiker out!

God Bless Anna Mott

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by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
Total as of May 21 (Anna's 24th birthday)is approximately $4,200.

Thank you!

Donors to date:

A Nony Mouse x 2
Anonymous in Georgia
Gordon Gray
In loving memory of my wife Belinda
Windy (bill50cal)
Jon Whitley

God Bless Anna Mott
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by Jon W. Whitley
Jon W. Whitley
Wow, what a feel good vid !
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by htown
Times a wasting guys. Let's get with it.
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by GrandPaul
You know, to some people (formerly including myself) the annual commercial over-use of the "Nutcracker" theme around this time of year used to have me cringing and on edge.

Since the first time we got the details about Anna the ballerina, (Nutcracker-related, you know), all that changed FOR THE BETTER.

Now, every time I hear it, I am reminded of just how fortunate most of us are. I'm reminded of what it actually means to be living a life where EVERY DAY is a trial greater than any I have ever experienced. I'm reminded of people that have endured and withstood life-changing events with dignity and continued hope.

I can't say I've seen a lot, I haven't travelled the world where there is so much more to experience. But, I've seen enough to know that I'll never measure up to the Mott family, and I will do everything in my power to help when I can, hoping somehow it will make their lives that little bit more bearable.

Merry Christmas to my wonderful BritBike family, and especially to Anna and her family.
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by Ob1quixote
Will do what I can, gotta see what the Accounts Receivable brings. Been off my beat since the accident, slowly recovering, insurance company dragging their collective feet, might have to stick to a Christmas card with Chick-Fil-A inside.

Gordon and I made the trip last year to the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation Run last year to meet up with David and the Motts! A grand weekend! And that smile!

[Linked Image from]
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by Zimm
Tossed a bit in the hat to move things along.
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by David in Atlanta
David in Atlanta
Grand Total Raised


Outstanding! clap

Final Donors List (Several donated more than once - That is APPRECIATED! PM me if I left your name off. I will gladly add you to the list.)

A Nony Mouse
Anonymous in GA
semper gumby
Gary Walentoski
Jon Whitley
Jon Whipple

A note from Melissa:


Wow. What a year.

It marked 8 years of Anna and our family in this journey of pain and triumph.

She has now been blind and gone from us half the time we had her.

We've had 8 years of getting to know and take care of our new Anna. 8 years of lessons learned and hurdles jumped. We are pooped out, but still steadily taking one step forward into the unknown at a time.

It was a year of all new challenges for us: , job loss, more health problems for Anna including a scare in December with covid where we really thought Jesus was taking her home, and more. It seemed to be even more than normal for us, and man, that's a bunch! Lol

But we weren't the only ones in pain and facing challenges this year. All of us were in 2020 together, doing the best we could with the hands we all were dealt.

That's why the support and love you all have shown us means even so much more.

Even going through all you guys have this year, you chose to love and support our Anna and us.

And for that, there just aren't adequate words in English to thank you.

We are overwhelmed with your goodness and love. We feel it. We are changed and made better.

Thank you. THANK YOU.

God Bless Anna Mott

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