Been reading and can’t understand what the fuss is?
If tightening the stud nuts to the point off flange contact, that’s all wrong. Think of the O-Ring in terms of a fluid HydraStatic lock, as example: a brake system. If the O-RING captured in the groove has nowhere to escape, it acts as a solid and the flange bends around it, and distort the slide fit. ANSWER: don’t tighten the nuts any more than good O-Ring contact. Don’t know where I saw this mentioned years ago, but have been doing this for years. In fact, if proper contact/seal is made, the carb will still shift on the studs if twisted back and forth. Need I mention self locking nuts? I can even see a sliver of space between flange and head. Works fine, seals, and may even help with the mentioned heat transfer. My 2c