I agree with Gordon about figuring out "the bike's drill".
I have 2 B44s and they a subtly different but both start with one or two kicks, once the "correct" pre start drill is used, ..... they sulk if you get it the wrong way around!
Both have new premier AMAL carbs, both have new Vape sparky bits and both have new coils.
With one of them, from cold, I ALWAYS use Komando's , tickle, decompress, throttle wide open, kick 5 times, release valve lifter, then kick like you mean it technique ... fires first time.
With the other, forget that! ..... tickle, leave it while you put your helmet on, then kick like you mean it ...... fires first time .If you put your helmet on first ..... well better just take the first bike 'cause this one aint going nowhere.

When "warm", and how warm is a fine line, tickle a little........ if "hot", definitely NO tickle.

Now just for bad mindedness they will change their individual requirements seemingly at random. The second one ... for no apparent reason, has recently developed the habit of seemingly shortening it's clutch cable when it gets warm (....... HOW???!!!) requiring me to loosen it off at the lever or the kicking is somewhat ineffectual. Of course that means when the motor is cold I have to tighten it up again or gearchanges tend to be rather noisy affairs.
Of course it goes without saying, never, and I mean NEVER, work on any other vehicle what so ever where they can see or even hear you doing so.