You have also a rear disc brake, so has to be prepared with at least a hose ( they have a tendency to delaminate with time ) and more effective brake pads for both of them. Both masters and calipers could get rusty and work poorly. Before starting any riding I'd dismantle them from a bike, take them apart and clean / recondition as needed. They are very simple in design. I also found out I much prefer to work with silicone DOT5 in those brakes then messy DOT3 or 4..For me the front end was ( and still is ) much to harsh during riding, so I'm trying to improve it's action during years of ownership, however yours is later and could be better for you. Be prepared that after some riding some leaks could develop, but as others said start riding firs and rectify problems which show up during next winter. You could have some problems with electric starting as well, but it has to be checked during riding as well.