Maybe I am miss interpreting this:
"With 4T I wanted to say the events (intake compression; power and exhaust) so if I started rotating the engine forward at the intake stroke (pistons go down) and the intake valve starts to open; I obtained those 43º; after at what point should I stop?"
Are you saying you are looking for the intake valve to open after TDC? The intake opens before TDC.
You should work with the lobe centre and not opening/closing angles. that way you do not have to worry about exact measurements of small lift.
Use the crank locking tool to set the degree wheel or measure the piston near the largest range of your dial indicator, less error induced.
If you do not have the cam opening/closing numbers, read the crank angles at half cam lift and calculate the lobe centre from that.
Otherwise for intake:
(BTDC + 180 + ABDC) / 2 - BTDC is the lobe centre ATDC
For exhaust:
(BBDC + 180 + ATDC) / 2 - ABDC is the lobe centre ABDC