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The 71 WSM has 45 lb.ft. as the torque on the flywheel bolts, 0.38 ( 3/8) B.S.C. 26 tpi.
Not 25 lb.ft., not 5/16".

I used 5/16" as an example (intentionally pointing out that you don't want to use the power of Thor to undo the bolts), I didn't have a set of bolts or a manual to hand for propper sizes and torque.

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You guys are lucky I keep the WSM by the PC.

It does help a lot. I would usually refer to the WSM etc collection on my laptop, however the wifi card has failed and I haven't had the time to fix it.

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A norton type cartridge filter can be mounted using a U clamp to the lower frame spine section, off set to the TS so it clears the back tyre, plumb it into the return line. As well as doing a fine job keeping the oil clean it also adds useful oil volume, never a bad thing.

My version of this: its still in prototype status, I don't really like a 3" U clamp going around the frame, but will fabricate a "nicer" bracket and utilise the rear footrest mount as additional support. Though so far it seems to hold up ok.

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