Thank Gordon for your kind words-- you nailed it! Robert was 59 and could be stubborn as the day is long. We have two daughters that rode starting at age 5. Both girls have those shared memories of learning how to "keep your toes up" riding trail. He was VERY PROUD that both girls wanted ride!

If Robert saw something that needed to be done he just DID IT and wouldn't wait for someone to ask him for help. And yes, he would give you the shirt off his back- no questions asked.

His connection and love for Miss Anna ran as deep as his love for his girls and family!! He was always thinking "outside the box" to help Anna and her family live day to day.

Robert love his restored "naked" Honda Gold Wing which was taken from him in October 2020 by a distracted driver running a red light. His next project bike was to be the BSA from his Dad.

After Robert's accident (that should have killed him) we realized GOD had saved him for one final mission-- Make sure EVERYONE you know got their Colonoscopy done! He would tell anyone (friend or stranger) "Don't be a dummy like me...go get that camera up your butt!!!"

thank you for allowing me to share and read your posts. Robert will missed but never forgotten!

Mrs. Obi1 (Renee Wilcox)